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Well if I could just make up a bill and send it out I guess I'd be rich. I had Amerigas for a while and a first it was good back in the 90's. Then they became to expensive and charged for all kind of things. SO I switched to Guilford Gas. Really liked Guilford. Buy the Gas no fees for delivery or tanks. Ameri bought them out and I also at the same time did not use gas in the building any longer.... Read more

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The initial 100 gallon tank installation was very quick. The refill timing was normally adequate. The billing and credit card confusion was moderately screwed up. The cost per gallon went up after the second delivery. We cancelled after our complaints were ignored and saved 40% per gallon with Shipley for next 2 years. Add comment

after our first winter bill from amerigas of 329.00 plus for one month's gas we thought we were just over-using due to the cold weather; so we cut way back and even went to bed earlier so the heater could be shut down earlier. when the second bill came after great cut-backs, it was still 251.00 plus. at this point we called to check how much were we paying per gallon and i was finally told... Read more

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I hope I get another quality survey for my last service call. I missed three days work to get a gauge replaced, first showed up with no pumper truck as scheduled, (the second appointment was a complete no show). I was told at the completion of the third appointment (yes, they finally showed up) that I had to fill the tank (439 gal vs 322) to "test the new gauge". Then I get hit for $2.86 per... Read more

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Amerigas was supposed to deliver propane between 12 noon and 12:30, they showed up after 2:30. Two hours late with no apologies. The driver was less than competent to say the least. They say customer service is top priority, what a joke. When I called their phone number sometimes I got a recording and sometimes I got a person. When I got the recording it said for an emergency press 1, I did and... Read more

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I would like to know why Amerigas propane has a higher price for propane then what the fair market is in Augusta County Va. Propane in Augusta County is 2.70 per gallon and Amerigas charges 3.29 per gallon. If using the name Amerigas - makes you think you are getting an American Deal or a fair deal then let me advise you . I would call what they charge no less that steeling from American... Read more

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The price of propane from Amerigas is outrageous. They will no longer have my business. Add comment

Amerigas has been caught red handed as they say for entering people into contracts for a rate and although the cost of propane decreased substantially they failed to pass he savings onto the customer. This is just one of 3 serious situations that took place here in Spring Creek, Nevada by Rita at Amerigas. The total bill for the home I now live in was monthly $565.00 and then at the end of fiscal... Read more

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How can one company charge double gas price from surrounding competitors?? After learning of competitors pricing I called Amerigas to see if they would make any compensation to keep my business. Needless to say they could have cared less. Dropped my account due to pricing and poor customer service. I would not recommend this company. Now I have been waiting 2 months for them to pick up their... Read more

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Wow. Who goes through an entire tank in a month? Apparently, I do, even though my house is heated with a pellet stove. On automatic delivery? Well, but it isn't automatic. It is more like, "We'll stop by whenever we think you ought to be empty." Yep. RIGHT before Christmas, the whole tank ran out. The employees seem to sort of wonder why I am upset. Because you LIE. I can hardly wait to... Read more

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