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We built our home in 1996 and had a 500/gal in ground propane tank installed. The company we started with gave us use of the tank free of charge. The original company gas been absorbed by others twice in the last 20 years, most recently; Amerigas. They are required, by law, to honor my original contract. Every year, for the past 3 years, I have received a large bill for the past years tank rental. Each year I provided copies of the original... Read more

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After being charged $2.49/gallon last January when average CO price was 1.80, I decided to wait until summer and check prices again. JC in Delta is 1.02 introductory, 1.24 standard, and Ferrell is 1.19 introductory and 1.29 standard; Amerigas is 1.80 today standard. I needless to say have an install date with JC. Amerigas made no offer to keep my business (after 20 years!) Think this speaks for itself, don't really have another thirty words... Read more

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We own our own helium tanks, purchased from another company. Started with Ameirgas 4 years ago & provided our own tanks. They had no problem with that & everything was fine for 2 years. Last year they started charging rental for the tanks. We called & they took it off the bill. This year they charged again & I couldn't get it resolved. Called many times & no one returns calls. Finally heard back from Greensburg, PA manager (Fred) & he would... Read more

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After being ripped off on propane for a season I switched providers. Now trying to get Amerigas tanks removed. They keep giving me dates for pick up and the tanks are still here. Customer service says they have up to 90 days ro remove them. !?!?!? Plus when I inquired about a refund I was told that Amerigas doesn't credit for unused product. Seriously? They'll resell what I've already paid for. And they wonder why I switched providers. Read more

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After being ripped off on propane for a season I switched suppliers. Now i am trying to have the Amerigas tanks removed from my property. They keep giving me dates when they will be picked up, yet they are still here. I called customer service and was told that they have up to 90 days to remove tanks. !?!?!?!? And they also told me that the don't refund for unused propane. Both tanks are half full. WTF!? Read more

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We signed up with Amerigas in 2011 when we moved to Lompico (Felton). At that time, we didn't know a lot about propane companies, and there was an Amerigas tank in the yard. So we set up an account. LESSON LEARNED. Do your research!!! These crooks charge AT LEAST DOUBLE the average price per gallon compared to other propane companies in the area. Here are the prices I've found. Amerigas $2.79 Ferrell's $1.33 Mountain $1.99... Read more

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We never turn on heat only a small floor unit and we t always over our usage definitely looking to change

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30 years we have been customers. Their prices were so high it competed with my mortgage payments! So I told them to cancel service and to come get their tank. Instead they left it in the ground and charged me a $230.00 service fee because I didn't use their service. I called them and told them to come get the tank and they said then they would need to charge me $100.00 to remove the tank! Plus adding tax onto their service fee is crazy. I... Read more

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Pretty simple business. Right? you have 2 propane tanks (one for the pool). you sign up for auto delivery for both .. You pay WAY more then market rates for the gas,. You call several times over several weeks to get gas for your pool heater(500 gallon tank). They continue to NOT show up. And they continue to give you lip service about it. And the pool remains as cold as the Jersey shore water STAY AWAY form this company especially in Chester... Read more

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"Thank you for calling Amerigas, where customer service and safety are our number one priority"... is the on hold message that you hear. It could not be further from the truth. I am a tenant in a house, I moved in on Feb on this year and I have had to put out nearly $2000 since. First a bogus $500 deposit, then a $250 safety inspection (which had already been done, but they denied delivery until it was done... again), and a $200 charge to hook... Read more

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