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The exchange program is a massively profitable scenario for this and any gas company. Keep fill services, exchange programs are a theifs way of cheating the consumer and, they all do it legally. Tanks not full, faulty valves that require replacement tanks, meters on trucks rigged to refill your home heating fuels, Price per gallon is higher for so called convenience. These un regulated service industry schemes are making them wealthier by... Read more

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Amerigas is ripping customers with the almost triple increase in monthly meter fee. I'll soon be rid of the gas appliances.

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  • From mobile
  • May 16
  • #848543

Amerigas charge for everything, even when you get out the company!! I never want Amerigas again!!

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  • From mobile
  • May 06
  • #842977

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever found in any business. Over 10 days to get gas delivered. Then they call me and want to make an appointment for when they can deliver it when I have surgery in the middle of the following week. Anybody that does business with these people must be just an ***. This was the Ogden store and all I can tell you is they suck big time.

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I called the local Colchester branch this morning for a fill-up. I was also asking for a refund to the double withdrawal from my checking account they made back in February; instead of the credit to our account. As with most of my dealings with the branch over the past 7 years, the utter lack of customer service and communication was epic. I was on an auto fill-up and payment plan for many years and still nearly ran out of propane on 3 separate... Read more

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We use to own our own tank. Thru big business buy outs of the small companies we ended up with Amerigas. Our son had his propane company fill our tank so he could pay our gas bill with his cheap rate. He lives next door and thought he'd do his elderly parents a good deed. We found out we have been charged for "tank rental" several times. When we called about the rental charge they told us they must come out for the tank immediately. They... Read more

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I have to admit after two years of taking over my family home after my mother past I started to question the Amerigas bill. Their prices per gallon are double than other companies plus the amount to rent the tank is more than what other companies charge (at least 30.00 more) My family has been with them for over 20 years. I can only imagine what my family has paid out to this company. I will be looking elsewhere as soon as possible. Should... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apr 26
  • #836471

Not satisfied with customer service number. The "local office is unavailable" and there is no voice mail. Tech out on the road called me from unlisted/blocked number so I can't reach him either. After 9am on a weekday and this is unacceptable.

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We did business with Amerigas for 17 years. The only complaint I had up until a year ago was trouble with a driver. He was very rude when he came out on a emergency call when my propane tank backed up and filled my home with fumes. This past year has been a complete disaster! Major billing issues! We contacted customer service numerous times and were lied to and dodged. They shut off our service with no notice and sent us to collections over a... Read more

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Wish they had a zero star option for this one!?! This company is horrible!!! Buyer beware!?! I had a service rep. Tell me that I could get this great rate of $1.99 per gallon. Once that rate expired, I was charged $3.99 per gallon!!! I called to see why it has tripled and complain and they said they could "adjust" the rate to $2.99. I called back to compare what I was paying as an existing customer compared to new customers...thinking that... Read more

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