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  • Amerigas
  • Apr 06
  • #824927

Amergas just told me they have a 92% approval rating can i ask from who???? Add comment

Two weeks and still no gas delivery with my in ground tank. Used to get same week delivery. Called and said now 5 to 7 days now. Did not show so called again and was told 7 to 10 days. Third try and was told 7 to 10 business days. Still no fuel two weeks later. If you cannot get to all of your customers Monday through Friday you would think Saturday delivery would be made. You have me over a barrel with the in ground tank and let me know it with your lack of response on refill. You already charge a significantly higher price then... Read more

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  • Amerigas
  • Apr 03
  • #822326

I was an employee for 25 years, take it from me: it's about the dollar ... they dont care about you... as long as investors are paid THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.. PERIOD... some of things i heard in meetings over the last 20 years would shock you... Add comment

No longer deal with amerigas, but they still haven't picked up their tank. Keep sending us bills with late fees. Have talked to them over and over about this, they apologize for the mis billing, but we keep getting them. We call again, they apologize again, and other bill comes again. Really fed up with these people Read more

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I paid 1000 dollars gor 200 gallon of gas in 2013 then in 2014 i had to pay 250 for emergency call that wasn't even made until three days later it could have been for Days. They are Crooks that gas company after I had been with him for years Add comment

We have been a customer for 20 years so it's appalling that we are bring gouged on price. The local average for propane is $1.80 but Amerigas is charging us $3.90 which is more than double the going rate. When I complain they offer a temporary rebate but then go right back up in price the following month. Tank rental is 5X the national average. We run out of gas almost every other month in the winter. DO NOT USE AMERIGAS IF THERE IS ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVE! Read more

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  • Amerigas
  • Mar 22
  • #814902

Cancelled service Jan 11, still asking them to pickup their tank today March 22nd Add comment

father died in Dec. informed amergas in Jan.. I paid his pass due tank rental.. They did an auto fill in January. when I called to ask why they filled a tank that was already 3/4 full for a dead man. The service agent actually laughed so when I got mad she hung up on ME.... Well I own 4 other rental properties.. I will make sure NO new tenents use this company ever again............ Read more

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Wanted propane at this house. They made me wait 3 weeks for my company's credit approval. Set appointment to meet driver to deliver tank 12-14-16. Waited 30 minutes. Left. Driver called 5 minutes later and stated he was "getting ready" to head that way and it would be 30 to 45 minutes for him to arrive. I tell him no problem, painter is here and will let you in if you need to be in. He says someone needs to sign for the tank. I tell him when I ordered the tank, I was clear no one would be here to sign. I told him to forget it. Next day I... Read more

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Charged me $4.26 per gal 3 months ago. Going price for all my neighbors was anything from $1.50 to $2.00 per gal. They offered to lower it to 4.16 per gal. I told them to discontinue service and pick up the tank. Then they said that would cost me $180.00 for them to take my gas out of the tank. Thats after I already paid them $4.26 to fill it to 80%. Now they are giving me a hard time about picking up the tank. Read more

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