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I have been with Ameragas for over 10 years, well we call them when we are at 30%. We paid them $300 UP FRONT on the 5th of december. For them to deliver b4 we run out. Well we ran out on the 13th because we live in Pollock Pines where it snows and is cold! My wife called to see if they can deliver soon, we have 3 kids and its 55 degrees in my house. Well they said to my wife that they had until... Read more

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Amerigas is horrible, I ordered my gas a week ago and was at 15 percent, its a week later and I still haven't received my delivery. I've called the local office and the national number and no one can tell me when I will get my delivery. I am now at 5 percent and I'm afraid to turn my heat on for fear that when my gas finally arrives I will be charged a "gas leak" fee. I have 2 small children and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Amerigas
  • Jan 24
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In the process of switching companies. Price inflations and a now annual rental fees. Not interested in continuing services with Amerigas. Contacted 2 other companies and both offers were cheaper than what Amerigas was offering. Add comment

This drunking *** need to be fired. He is weaving in and out the lanes on a two way street in a rural area and he is driving to fast. Then I saw him pass a car when the other car was going the speed limit. He also pass me from behind and he just miss the car coming head on. Truck number 314076 and my friend say his name is eric bibb from el dorado county placerville ca. I am hearing a lot of... Read more

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  • Amerigas
  • Jan 23
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you would think with oil Being at all time lowthe price of propane would also be lowering sense propane is a byproduct of oil Add comment

We ordered gas Jan 11. Now we are totally out and they said they was so far behind they couldn't get to everybody. Needless to say we are switching gas companies!! Read more

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  • Amerigas
  • Jan 20
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An reliable waiting for someone from 8am to 12 noon no one came and no one call a bad experience to start with a new com Add comment

You have to beg and call several times to get gas delivered. I then cancelled my service and had to call at least three times over a 5 week period of time to get them to pick up my tank which we disconnected ourselves to make it easy for them. Their office staff is nothing to write home about either as they always seem to have a bit of an attitude if you call and complain in any way. I would not... Read more

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I had many bad experiences with Amerigas like getting my bill days after it was due and other similar annoyances. My worst experience was when I stopped being a customer due to moving. Months after I moved I got a bill in the mail for charges to my previous rental!! I called the office in North Conway, NH to fix this error and the woman wanted me to pay for meter reads when I didn't live at the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Amerigas
  • Jan 18
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Called amerigas in honesdale pa in November 2015 to have tank removed. It is now January 18 2016 and they still haven't come. I'm so glad I am getting away from this company, Good thing I didn't need propane, wonder how long that wait would be, Can't believe they don't want their own property, lousy customer service,, Add comment

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