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I wish their was a web sight for companies to go to to post a bout customers. How people don't pay on time.

Always letting themselves run out of lp. How brainless and ignorance people are. People need to take charge for their own actions. If you will call that means you call and don't call when your out.

95% of all the propane companies around my location run on a delivery route system. Only one company does not and they are going under. Also don't pay your bill a couple of days before or on the delivery day and expect a delivery or not a off route charge. It cost a lot to run these trucks.

So use your brain and to blame for your own actions. Now I'm not saying AmeriGas is never to blame or never at fault. Believe me we are all humans and we all screw up.

Companies and customers.....and remember this is 2013 customers are NOT always right anymore. So go *** off in someone else's wheaties.

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It is apparent that you work for Amerigas or a corporate entity much like them. You really, really should not be working with the public.

The attitude projected in your poorly written and executed comment clearly demonstrate an aggressive and hostile attitude. You are the very reason that people do not like Amerigas.

It is simply a matter of cause and effect. Shame on you.


First off, please learn how to use grammar. It would help to get your point across.

Second, I've worked the phone lines before, and a good many of the calls I took were from honest people who AmeriGas had screwed in one way or another. Due to the office's lack of oganization, or SAP's mind-boggling complexity, or mistyping a number into the computer, or delivering to the wrong tank, or misplacing a delivery ticket, or any number of other scenarios which happen on a daily basis, I find that most customers are justifiably upset. I find your attitude in line with those that I worked with during my stint with AmeriGas, which is the main reason I left and found a much more pleasant work environment elsewhere.

No the customer is not ALWAYS right, but to have zero empathy and blame everything on the customers is never acceptable.

@Former Employee

Go *** yourself


Buddy you need to get out of the service industry with that attitude. There probably is an opening at the DMV or the IRS, your attitude is perfect for a government job. I see employee of the month in your future.


Yes, there are customers who are a pain to deal with, but the majority of folks are great people who make your day go by with a smile on your face. You can't dwell on the irrate or challenging people of the day or they will make you a bitter person.


sometimes because of the cost of things it takes a while to order gas. we have to have the money to order more.

Sounds like someone gave you a hard time or something but no reason to say all customers are like that. Take a deep breath, every situation is diffrent.

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