Lakewood, Colorado

Aboslutely REDICULOUS.....I just called Amerigas to cancel service with them as come to find out they are about 50% higher then everyone else on their propane and now they tell me they are going to charge me $100.00 to pick up there tankt that they own it not m. Are you kidding me???

Let it sit on my property until it rots for all I care.

Before I cancelled I gave them the opportunity to match the other companies rates and first they asked me if I was a new customer and when I said, "no" I am an existing customer she stated they do not price match for existing customers. In my opinion that is no way to run a business and the staff is very rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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I have been contacted by a news reporter wanting to write a story about Amerigas and using them as a classic reason for propane needing to be regulated by the PUC. If you want to join me in talking with the reporter, write me at

I have written extensively about Amerigas. Amerigas holds you hostage with their fees. I have only a fireplace. If I don't use one of the 2 tanks that were on the property when I bought it, I get a $150 fee(Initially they had no "leasing fee" every year some new $50-$200 fee pops up).

If I cancel, I get a $100 fee. If I use the gas, the price is over $4 per gallon when the going rate is less than $3. If I get a smaller tank, I get charged another fee to switch to a smaller tank. If I get a credit because I am overcharged by them in their error, they don't give the money back, they hold it for payment for gas in the next bill.

How is this legal? Maybe with their name in lights and the bad publicity they might listen to their customers. We are tired of being treated rudely, being played with the bait and switch game, and with being robbed. This is no boo hoo.

This is now going to be front page news. When you steal, you pay.


Amerigas is the worst company out there, I'm trying to cancel and get nothing angry customer service reps. Amazing...


I'm honestly amazed. People actually think businesses should do everything for free and match the dirt cheap prices that are being offered by other companies for their "new" customers.

When Ferrell sends you that flier for that low low ppg, do you really think that's their average pricing? You can't be that naive. From your comments, I truly dont think any company will ever satisfy you.

I do wish all companies would do all the work for free and match the flashy rates from competitors all the time, but I'm just not thinkin that's really going to happen? I'll cross my fingers for the both of us!!


Same exact thing happened to me, we had been a loyal prepaying customer for 8 years. Some way to treat your loyal cusotmer!


wow they forgot to charge you for pumping out your own gas too! and disconnection fee. they are crooked as they come!

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