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On 12/7/15 I ordered and paid for propane. It is now the 28.

No propane and 0% in the tank. The facts are:

12/7/15 Ordered and paid for delivery of propane -- 12/18 still no delivery (7 day lead time) -- 12/19 called local office in Scotts Valley, Ca 408/293-1252 at 6ish and was told the delivery was on its way. 8pm No truck. Called back at 8 pm.

Spoke with Haley. Told a delivery was scheduled. Got a call from Josh at Amerigas main office 800/263-7442 at 9:42 pm. The driver was given my information but he was now out of drivable hours and would not deliver tonight.

We were then scheduled for tomorrow morning. Driver has my number. - 12/20 after noon still no delivery. I called Cheryl at main office.

Told that we are still on the delivery route for that day. Called again at 2:30 spoke with Shawntel she was going to "reach out" to the drivers. She could not reach either driver or supervisor. Said she would call me back in 30 minutes.

Have yet to receive a call. I called back at 3:15 to the main number. Still not able to reach anyone locally. Got a call from Allen he came by to secure the tank because we swapped out our smaller tank to insure we could have propane to make dinner, heat the house and have hot water.

Called back at 7pm No propane. Called main number - spoke with Carol. She would "reach out" to the driver and asked ME to call back in 2 hours. - 12/21 left town.

House sitter was to wait for a call so they could be here for the delivery. Never received a call or message.-- 12/26 got home late. No propane. -- 12/27 called main number at 8:10 am spoke with Josh.

He would contact the local office and would call me back with answers. I called back at 9:30 Spoke with Jessica she gave me the local number again and I called the local office. Spoke with Javier 9:40 am. The were going to " reach out" to the drivers.

The could not reach the drivers but "lest a message and texted". 3:08 pm called local office to see where the driver was. On hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and called back at 3:35 Spoke with Felicia.

She too "reached out" to drivers. Left text and messages. She told me that she would be working until AT LEAST 5:30 maybe 6. 5:15 pm still no truck.

I called the local office, no answer. Left a message "I want a call back! DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. PLEASE SPEAK DIRECTLY TO ME.

5:25pm. Called the main number. Spoke with Oscar. He to would "reach out" to the drivers.

He could not reach either of them. Also tried the supervisor(s). No answer their either. He gave me the formal complaint number.

800-427-4968. -- 12/28 Started early making calls. 7:23 am to main #. Spoke with Biancia.

She will "reach out" to the local office. 7:34 am called complaint line 800/427-4968. Spoke with Millie. Still no propane.

Joe is manager. Jeff is the supervisor. Seems no one can reach them or "they are working on it". 8:41 am.

Called Allen. He said o call the local office and speak with Julie. 8:52 I'm currently sitting on hold for "6 to 15 minutes" with the local office. Oh yes.

This company SUCKS! And their Bull S&/!

that the local office is understaffed is just that Bull S&/! They SUCK nationally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

Reason of review: Various issues: custome service, delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amerigas Cons: Delivery, Customer service.

  • Propane Tank Refill
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Service area of 94022. Anyone interested in contacting an attorney to be compensated for "lack of delivery; poor customer service, etc"?

I live in the area and have filed a complaint with the company, pissed consumer site, CA Public Utilities Commission.....I'd like to do more to these "losers"......


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