Being called by 3rd party INFO-QUEST to conduct survey about my last delivery of propane from N.E. (Northern Energy).

Not only has my UNLISTED telephone number been given out but my full name including my middle initial. I did not give N.E.(now owned by Amerigas) permission to give out my UNLISTED tel number or my NAME. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. OUTRIGHT INVASION OF MY IDENTIFIABLE PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Service prior to Amerigas was supurb, efficient, organized with very helpful staff; both administrative and delivery. Service was the best----an industry role model. I always felt comfortable to interface with all N.E. folks.

Something has fallen through the crack since Amerigas bought out N.E. Northern Energy name is being 'hurt' professionally by the Amerigas conduct. For 25 years my service was without question under Northern Energy management. Amerigas management is a complete antithesis to N.E.

Everyone is losing under Amerigas management.

Pretty sad crash dive of Amerigas standards. N.E.......please come back as a stand alone entity........MC

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