My local company purchased by Amerigas, my tank, my delivery invoices, and my bill stated to make checks out to Silsbee Propane the price per gallon goes up every delivery, so I opted to change companies rather than close my business. I called to inform them and a man named Chris showed and ask why I was changing and I told him they were a $1 a gallon more than any other company, he told me I was rude and it was my fault I didn't contact their...
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I didn't like
  • No accountability
  • Prices per gallon
A driver drove through a gate onto a side yard to make his delivery, other drivers delivered from the road, this driver drove over an antique gate that was laying down by a tree..broke the gate..amerigas theroy is if its laying down we can drive over it and if its old its worthless....
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Tank installed given check exactly for what I was told to pay 12/27/13 252$ money order not check . Then had to pay 500$1/27/14 money order in person all these transactions were in person with money orders as I was instructed at the time. Late fees after the final bill? How when disputed. 752$in month. I switched to suburban gas 161$ install and filled 85gallons after contract was up tank sat in my yard after suburban called them to take it. ...
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Anonymous Cancelled them after 19yrs changed from local company to amerigas then theyvgot to big price went up service went down rude cold dont use them expensive not nice and to big


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High prices so your techs can sit at their moms house for 2 hours everyday of the work week... While using company vehicle... No integrity at all...
I move into a new home and I call Amerigas out to check the tank, they stated that my renew lease is $88.00 annual I sent the check and they cash it. Service tech stated leakage was in the wall or slab had a plumbing company to recheck I decide not to remodel my home to fix the leakage, so the tank outlets were sealed. I request Amerigas to remove their tank and since I did not get to use the gas to refund my money. The underground tank is...
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Real propane man If it were me I would keep the tank have it tested and moved, but that is the least of your problems. As a twenty year veteran of the propane industry I would get a second op...

Ilsihave paying $3.15 gal. Since 2012 ,a gentleman called saying no he never sent out those bill amounts I told him I would send them, I just had major surgery march 16th. I got a call thursday from ARG CAMARILLO Collections . I am very upset andwant this 1300.00 corrected and here is proof I pay 3.15 also a contract that I pay what your cost is and fifty cents above that. You need to call ARG and recall this debt threating my credit and lying...
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I called and asked to cancel my account last year after finding out they were charging me rent for a tank that I owned, and higher gas prices than free market price! This year they billed me for a lock in rate that I refused last year and asked for my account to be cancelled. They seem to be creating their own contract to provide me service without my consent or knowledge. How much time do others lose by not watching the bills? Isn't this...
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Anonymous The problems you mentioned and more seem to be standard practice for Amerigas after searching the Internet and experiencing them personally. Avoid this company if at all poss...

AmeriGas on line payment system sucks. I have had to make the last two month payments by phone.They do not have the information for a complete statement. The system will not except my payment or give any idea that it was rejected or excepted.Every time I call them all I get is leave a message. They also will not except my e-mails. I even tried talking with local office and they could not help me. But their deliver has always been very good. Does...
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judy I also have had problem with online billing mostly when they first started it. Then all was well til today. I am on the smart Pay and auto pay and they have messed this up....


David Spear I agree Ameragas has a terrible setup to pay bills I have an online account. Tried to find it and it\'s impossible. Tried to call got the usual 6-7 options with no real perso...

They brought one man to replace the old tanks, which I asked several times over in my three years, after I complained they were happy to help.The driver got stuck on my front lawn causing damage to my decorative island.I called the office saying we need to get a two truck over here to pull him out. I was told he needed to call to request a truck because it "hundreds of dollars" Meanwhile, my lawn is looking worse because he tried like *** to...
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AmeriGas Customer Service We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of...


ohhhman Her husband guided the driver onto the lawn saying it was ok...driver and husband at fault there. Truck was pulled out and the driver came back and fixed the lawn by hand. She...

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