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I'm sitting here, in my COLD house, considering calling an attorney regarding my "current" dealings with Amerigas Propane and I decide to go online to "file a formal complaint" with the PUC.....after a Google search on Amerigas complaints, I find "this" page.....One complaint after another......WOW!

So, my story is this: I moved to the area a few years ago; when I originally called for service, in my rental, they insisted on performing a "leak test", even though the tank was 2/3 full, and the previous tenant had NEVER had any issues....I know, because we discussed the home BEFORE I rented it. Amerigas "insisted" and I was charged a large fee for the test. Anyway, some months went by and I finally needed propane....I called to have it delivered, and they told me that it would be scheduled asap.....I ordered 100 gallons, because I don't work in the tech industry, and my family and I have a budget that we need to follow. The delivery came in a few days, no problem right? Well, I soon received a bill for nearly $800.00??? WTH? I called them immediately and they told me that the driver "made an error" and filled the tank; please submit payment as early as possible. I explained that I was "on a budget", hence my ordering 100 gallons, and that I would take care of the bill as quickly as possible. It took me a few months of payments to get the bill paid, but never the less, with Amerigas making the "error"....although, it may NOT have been an "error"...seems like a good way to "extort" money from customers...anyway, the phone calls began... I received "harassing" phone calls, until the balance was "0". Now, the next time I needed propane, several months later, I was told that I would have to "prepay" for the propane due to my "payment history"; even though "they" improperly filled my tank, as opposed to my 100 gallon order request. What can you do? I "pre-paid" for 100 gallons....and it took 3 weeks for the delivery, even though I was told it would be "within 7 days". Multiple calls went to the local office, but nothing helped....I barely made it through to the delivery, without running empty. This "delay" has happened several times over recent years....but there simply seems to be nothing that can be done on the part of the consumer. One evening, while chatting with a neighbor during a walk, she begins to complain about Amerigas, so I join in with my personal experiences.....she informs me about SPUG, Skyline Propane User Group, and it sounded too good to be true... I contacted them and I'm informed that, for a small fee, I too can join the group and it locks in a much lower propane price, guaranteed.....I'm blown away; how come I hadn't known about this earlier on....I join immediately, and they inform the local Amerigas office that I am now a member of the group...When I call for service again, I'm quoted a very high price for propane, much higher than the SPUG web page shows, so I ask why I'm being charged such a high price....they go on to tell me that this is the "market rate" and then I inform them to check my acct, as I'm a member of SPUG.....I can immediately tell this person is "frustrated".....after some time of silence, being put on hold, I'm told the driver will get to my address as soon as took a couple of weeks for the delivery, but the price was much, much better.....

Fast forward to 12/21/2015, and the reason for this "rant"...I happen to check my tank and I see it is at about 10%. I call Amerigas, and again, I'm told "no problem sir, we'll get to your home within 7 days".....well, unfortunately for me and my family, our tank ran dry Christmas one's fault but my own, for not catching it I hot water, no cooking, no heat, a pretty miserable Christmas day and more.......pretty miserable as it's at or near freezing for multiple nights....on the 8th day, after my order, I help, I've called each and every day since day 8, and today is day 11 and have never, not once, reached the local San Jose office.....not once. I always have to contact the national office....each day, it's the same story..."we're very sorry, we understand your problem, we appreciate your patience, thank you for your understanding, your local office is very busy.....let me reach out to them for you....please hold".....eventually they return to the line....."we've been able to reach the office and they've reached out to the've been added to his route, and he'll be out to your home this evening".....I've gotten this response for 5 days now....every freakin' day, the same thing....I was actually even given the drivers name, that would be delivering my propane "last night".....guess what? It's "tomorrow" and I don't have my freaking propane....that I've already freakin paid for....UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!

What do you have to do to get this kind of shi--y (bad word) customer service corrected. I've called 3 times just today, and I've been told, "a Supervisor will be contacting you within 30 minutes"......that was 4 1/2 hours ago.....and 2 addl calls ago.....

I have myself, 2 children, my spouse, 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds in this house that is 52 degrees right now.....and NO HOPES that propane will make it today, because the National office tells me, "well, you know that today is a Holiday, and most offices are closed today..." REALLY, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!!! Do they know that today is a Holiday, and that my family and I are eating sandwiches and microwave food for day # 8? Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that we have no heat, no hot water for baths or showers and no way to cook.....? Come on Amerigas Propane; your own opening line when your customers call in says, "Customer Service and Customer Safety are our Primary Concern".....B U L L S H I T!!!! I think I'll copy and post this to the news agency's, the Public Utility Commission and my Attorney.....maybe one of them can help us....

Jonni Streeter; Los Altos, CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amerigas Cons: Lies, Lack of service, No accountability, Inability to contact local office.

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