Driftwood, Pennsylvania

On 2/25/19, Hailey was caught up in a blizzard. We were out of town but we were notified by a friend that there was a smell of gas in the house.

We called Amerigas and the Manager, Bill Saxton drove from Twin Falls to Hailey at night, in a snowstorm to check out the problem. He had to fight through 5 ft drifts of snow to get to our tank and he leak tested the entire system. He found the problem and let us know right away. He called me, he was polite, he was helpful and he was efficient.

Kudo's to these guys who will brave a snowstorm, drive long distances and check out a problem to prevent a horrible explosion. This would have been a very easy situation to say no to. It would have been easy to say, I'll go up in the morning. Bill Saxton did not do that.

I apologize to the Pissed Consumer that I have nothing bad to say about the individual or this company.

This is Customer Service with a capital CS. Thank you, Bill

William Reed, MD

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: The Amerigas manager went above and beyond to help me. He is amazing!.

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