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I have been overcharged by amerigas for the last time. They bought out Spensor brother's propane in Richmond, VA and since my rates have gone up 50%.

They are a bunch of crooks. If you call to get a price per gallon at the richmond local office they can not even give you an answer because they have over charged so many people they can't keep their lies straight. every other propane company i called gave me a very easy and direct answer $2.65 and $2.50 per gallon. Amerigas just charged me $4 per gallon.

They run a very shadey and crooked business. Buyer beware and stay away from amerigas

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Amerigas needs to come up with flexible payment options for those with less than perfect credit. As it stands right now, I am below 20% in my tank and currently have a balance of about $1200 from the last delivery in late December.

In order for me to get gas I will need to pay the $1200 and then pay another $1200 approx. to get a refill. How is this flexible when right now the money is not there to pay for it.

Amerigas boasts of flexible payment options, but only if your credit is spotless and it does not help those who need it the most. This is bondage.

David H

I called ameri gas last fall to find my rate it took 45 minutes to find my rate .They told me my rate was 3.45 every one else I work was paying 2.49 to 2.59 . so ask them to change my rate to the 2.49 or 2.59 rate they said they could not do this but they could give 2.69 not great but reasonable .

And far I know I was on the program where the rate was locked and I pay same monthly fee .

well the rate was never 2.69 first delivery was 3.09 and next delivery was 3.89 .these people are crooks I will have there tank dug up or give them a new one . when some out and out lie how can you trust them :(


Hi, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with billing in Richmond, VA and would like to help you.

Please send your account details to me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Fran

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