Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

I now work for amerigas bought out & need my job. sick of my boss treating me like dirt and cant tell the co.

he swears at me lies to customers, doent do any work says you handle it.its all new now & his day is talking to girlfieinds & meetintg in them for sex in altoona on co.BS all over town to kill time drug test him w/o tipping him off he'll never pass from booze and gets on me for being outside. boy does he lie & can't believe even the new amerigas people fall for it., fudges travel time more now than w/ the com truck & is a co drunk I get paid nothing compared to him & he gets big bucks & Amerigas spends big bucks to sent these jurks all over customer $ pays for it.( Im sending this to CNN.) He didn't even have the time to help move a cus. tank tells customers Amerigas is f...up sorry Agas ties my hands not gas no service. they call back to complain about his arrogence but who can i tell.

He is a smart *** and I need money so the will believe him. Need my job so I'll deny, deny but then need to do something its not fair to me or the cus. he says ag is so screwed up, sys screwed up you can her him you don't tell cus this stuff and then we do the work to fix it. Im sick of it an him.

so think your job ***..ive seen more of the same from him since I worked her mr 2 miles from home well it costs me to drive even before I had a free co veh. He is arrogant to customers then I get them to struggle need my job I'll deny, deny Amerigas doesnt care you pay more and more they think he's great because he is a master lier.

You heard it here from T, PA go to another gas co you'll get gas cheaper and service on time. what a waste they'll pay him to run down the co & I'll keep getting screwed got liers get away w/it always

Monetary Loss: $30.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


Perhaps you should have gotten an education then you wouldn't have to rely on a company that you don't like. Clearly from trying to decipher your message, you are an illiterate imbred.

Maybe you should make the best of it since you are incapable of getting another job.

If your manager was really doing these things then there are anonymous ways to turn him in....that means no one will know it's you. Call you HR person.


wait till they get the feds slamin on them they will squeel like pigs under a fence there theifen days are over


Hey T,

You want to *** your *** manager off? GO UNION!!!!!!!

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