Altoona, Pennsylvania

Amerigas where to start if you have them lose them they do not care about you. I had my tanks replaced last April and they filled them, and I tried to set up payment plan, but they would not do it because my bill was over $400.00, because the tanks they told me I should uses hold a total of 300 gallons.

So for a year I made a payments with a late fee of $35.00 a month which they where glad to have . Then when I got it down from &1000 to $400 I tried to set up the payment to save the late fee. They told me no because it was to late and they turned it into collections no matter what I would have to pay the late fee. It is paid off and I went to light my heater and it would not light so I called them they told me I was out of gas .

Which I did not uses from last year, they told me to bad, because they redid there records and it shows I did not get any gas since 2010, and it will be a $55.00 services fee, and another $1000 to fill the tanks. Really I used no gas last winter what a joke theses people are.

This is the worst company I ever dealt with if this keeps just one person from using them I will be happy. not uses Amerigas

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Thank you for sharing your insight. I certainly won't be using Amerigas. I don't need the headaches they cause!


What a joke..Amerigas commenting on this post pretending to be a customer. That is really, really laughable.


I love amerigas used other companies had nothing but problems until I used amerigas.

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