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don't ever use this company !!! We had a gas leak in our house and need immediate service.

We stayed home all afternoon waiting for the serviceman. When he came he determined it was a leak and could not repair it so he locked it down. We were told another serviceman would come on that monday. I stayed home and nody showed.

When i called them they said the serviceman had no business telling us someone would come that monday. I told them we both worked and are home at 4:00 but they said they finish work at 3:00 and do not pay overtime !!. When I told them I would be home on friday they said they couldn't come because they were going to be out east and I had to be home before 3pm if I wanted to come. We called another gas company and they came only to find out that there was a loose connection and he repaired it in 20 minutes.

Obviously we switched companies and told amerigas to come and get their tank.

Well now I have had this tank sitting on my property for a week and they still haven't come for it. I wouldn't recommend amerigas if they were the only gass company in NY !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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If they have not come to pick up your tank yet, I would figure out the date you called them, give them 2 days then begin charging them storage fee's on YOUR property! Ten dollars a day is reasonable, call them up and tell them you are charging them and what there balance is right now.

You might be surprised when they show up right away. Be careful tho, they will send you a bill for "Termination". Just send them your bill for storage!! Your bill by now should pay off the "Termination Fee" and probably give you a credit!

I told them I was charging them, they came and picked the tank up the next business day, they sent me a bill and our storage fee's dropped their bill to $30.00.

Try it, you might be surprised!! :grin

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