High Point, North Carolina

We bought a home in 2001 that was heated with propane with a 500 gal above ground tank. The supplier was Amerigas to the previous owner so we contracted with them to be our supplier. We paid to have a new underground tank installed and hooked up to the existing furnace, adding a hookup to the fireplace in our family room

We signed on for a monthly charge where we would pay the same amount for 11 months of the year, and then settle up in April of each years. Some years we ended up owing a little, some having a small credit - pretty much break even. Our gas was always regularly delivered and only twice did we have to call for an emergency fill up when the tank ran empty.

In the last two years, dealing with Amerigas has been nothing but a nightmare. Our regular monthly payment, which of course had gone up slightly from year to year and ranged a little over $200 per month, ballooned to $507 per month. After three months of arguments with their billing department, we finally got back to $257 per month, but then received double billings each month, $257, and a second one for $305. Another two months of arguing with them. Now comes March 31, 2012. We have a 500 gallon tank. Amerigas sends their truck out and fills us with 184.4 gallons at a cost of $973.63. Do the math - this does not include their charges for fuel recovery or state/county taxes. This is just the cost of gas per gallon. Math equals $5.2799 per gallon. I complained about this but got the typical run around about the cost of propane (bunk) and paid the bill to zero us out for our April settlement date. At this time I cancelled our monthly billing program and opted for their lock-in per gallon rate.

Since April, I have been billed $307, $257 in May, June, July and August -two different statements per month.

We have now decided we are going to change to another supplier. The undeground tank belong to Amerigas. We cannot have it dug up, emptied of the gas in there that we have paid for, and will be charged to removal of the gas, the tank itself and they won't even backfill the hole or repair the landscape ruined with the removal.

Wish us luck. We are going to have our new supplier pump out the gas (70% sitting in that tank now), dig up and place the Amerigas tank in our front yard for pick up. They will install their tank, refill it with the Amerigas gas we own, and we go from there. We will call Amerigas to come and pick up their tank and will probably get hit with a huge bill from them. We will then take everything to our lawyer and see ya in court Amerigas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

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Be careful having someone else work on there tank, it is unlawful in some states for each company to do anything but move another companies assets make sure you get something from your new supplier that they will take responsibility for anything that could happen during the transfer. Taking someone to court when you are publicly stating you are going to violate the terms of a signed agreement is a bad idea. Don't lease another tank BUY it this time the stupidist thing i've ever seen is people leasing underground tanks.


How could you know the terms of their contract?

I have seen enough customer horror stories of fraud and unethical business practices, on this site alone, to warrant a class action lawsuit and a criminal investigation.

I hope that family moves forward with a civil action and has their attorney seek to have the case given class action status.

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