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My 1000 gallon propane tank owned by Amerigas, the biggest propane company in the country. Even though I do not have any contract with them, I am forced to buy propane from them ever since I moved into this house 12 years ago. Unlike oil, if the tank belongs to one company, no other company will fill another company's tank. All these years, I was forced to pay the price whatever they say. Last week, I called them and said that I would like to own the tank and wants to buy that from them. The "supervisor" told me that they do not sell the tank to its customers.

(Last month, my neighbor managed to buy the propane tank (500 G) from his local propane supplier for little over $400.)

I am a hostage of this company. I do believe that Amerigas is not telling the truth, as no state or federal entity to regulate the propane industry. Propane industry as a whole, Rhine at there will. Just because Amerigas own the tank, they can charge any price for propane to 90% of its customers. (90% of the tanks owned by Amerigas). As a customer, do I have a right to buy the tank? As a propane user, any possibility to escape from this company?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi I work for this god awful company and unfortunately we are not allowed to sell the rental tanks I haven't understood that but they won't. And they do charge whatever they want it is really frustrating for me as the customer service rep because there isn't anything we can do it is truly set by the corporate office and we can't change it in the system.

But you don't have to be a slave to them anymore here are some secrets.

You can switch companies, and if you have the other company take the gas out of your old tank and put it in the new tank Americas can't charge you the pump out restock fee and if you have the other company return that tank to them they can't charge you any fees at all because they never had to go out and do anything also you can look into buying a tank and then you can buy gas from whoever you want. I may work for this company but I don't believe in what they do to people so I am willing to tell anyone how to avoid this craps.


You can call your propane company up and tell them to take there tank away and they have 20 to do so. First call a comp propane company and have them install a new tank for you and then call and have them remove there tank so you dont have any interuption in service. Thank You

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