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My account had became past due but before it became past due I requested a payment plan from the local office in Warrenton,VA but never received a response.I received a letter in the mail saying the account was turned over to a collection office. I sent another request for a payment plan and I went on line and made a small payment still on response from the office on my request. I made another payment of $100.00 at this time the balance was @...
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They bill incorrectly, they take check payments over the phone that don't go through, they apply payments incorrectly, and there is not a single person in the local OR corporate offices who knows anything. Worst of all, they have absolute contempt for their customers. I have spent countless hours arguing with them over the phone for things that I just cannot believe. If they were not happening to me I would say it is not possible. If you are...
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I didn't like
  • Everything about them

Amerigas Account Review

Called and set up an account and was suppose to be "will call" but apparently they don't bother with what the customer wants..... 2 weeks later there was a slip from Amerigas and a receipt for filling our tank for almost $500.00. I have left 7 messages for manager that the charges need reversed since we are not keeping the propane due to a bad leak but still no response!