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I called Amerigas in Hazleton, PA to notify them I was switching propane suppliers and would call when they could come for their tank. I also told them not to make any more deliveries of propane.

Six days later, on a Sunday morning while I was at church, they sent a delivery truck to fill the tank. When I called the next day to complain they told me that I was on automatic delivery and they didn't have a "Will call" letter in my file. I immediately called the new supplier and made arrangements to have my service changed. Four days later the new supplier delivered a tank, hooked it up and filled it, at a price less than I was billed by Amerigas for 70% of a tank full.

I called Amerigas and told them to come and get their tank and gas and was told it would be scheduled. Two weeks later the tank was not picked up and I called again. This time the rude CSR told me that they had a month to pick up the tank. In the mean time I got billed for the gas they delivered after I had told them not to.

When the month was up I called again and was told that since it was winter, they couldn't come and pump out the tank or take the old one. I wrote to the home office expressing my complaint and never received so much as a "Get lost" from them. Now I have received a past due bill for the gas they delivered with a late charge added. Calling the Hazleton office got me a "Tough *** response.

These people have no concept of courtesy or customer service. I have filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection seeking mediation of the dispute.

In the mean time the late charges keep adding up for gas I never ordered.

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Hi, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with delivery and we would like to help you.

Please send your account details to Fran at so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Heidi

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