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I bought my house & it has a amerigas tank, I called them about a month ago to pick up their tank, well its still sitting in my driveway, so I called again today & I couldn't get a straight answer out of the guy, instead of just saying we'll be there to pick it up he tried to talk to me like a used car salesman giving me the run around, buyer beware, stay away from these shysters, I never had a contract, or anything in writing that I would use their service, im going to charge them for storing their tank, & if they refuse to pay I may have to take legal action..................................................................................

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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charge ???? ok buddy good luck


Are you kidding me? Don't waste your time and money on legal action.

No contract so it will just devolve into a he said-she said. Do the smart thing and scrap the tank for some cash.

Yes, a metal scrapper will take the tank if it's empty. Bonus: when Amerigas finally gets around to complaining about what happened to their tank, they'll have no grounds because...there's no contract!


Document every thing. Another user in my area moved his tank to the the curb because Amerigas would not remove it. Now the city is fining him....


Horrible Company! Don't like big government BUT Propane needs to be regulated to stop this price gouging.

My tank is in the ground (no other company will fill it). The prices "even as a high usage customer on the bill" are still higher than other providers in the area. I called and raised cain.

Later got a call back and they dropped the price a little (which shows you are getting ripped off) . Just got a fill up and the cycle repeats.

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