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Guys, it just comes down to bad business. I was an Amerigas employee for several years, before I quit after seeing how they opporate. I was literally ashamed to say out loud where I worked in public, scared to see someone come and try to take a swing at me. They are seriously one of the worst businesses ever. I really don't know where to start. I was the guy that had to think of a new excuse every day to justify their horrible business. I was the guy answering your calls. I did my job. I gave your messages to the manager. I hounded the service men and delivery "techs" to get you gas and service. But to no avail, they just wouldn't listen. One service man in particular actually had the audasity to tell me one day that he didn't give "two ***" and that he will never "*** pick up a tank" because he felt that interfered with his more important jobs (ie. Setting tanks, getting new customers, fixing hot water heaters and furnaces etc. etc.). Realisticly the important job that he was describing was he sitting on his fat *** all day doing absolutely nothing. About a few months after I quit my job I had cought him several locations sleeping in his truck, and just flat out using company time to shop at non-work related stores. In retrospect I laugh at the sheer unprofessionalism that carries on at Amerigas, but when I was an employee I couldn't of been more frustrated in my working life.

He got away with this because the management at the time simply did not care or take affirmative action. You see, this is how Amerigas operates.

They have the "Us versus Them" mentality. Us being the small disctricts that work on location, And them being corporate. They would try to get away with doing little as possible because they knew that the corporate part of Amerigas couldn't give two *** about them or their jobs. They just want to constantly turn huge profits. Therefore they are laying people off left and right, and it's really just a game of keeping your job as long as you possibly can. So naturally that doesn't give much incentive to want to work hard and help customers.

But I tried. I really did. Truth of the matter is that I just couldn't deal with your (the customers) grief anymore because of the bad management. I was threatened on a daily basis, and was being called names that really bothered me. And after one situation which got extremely out of hand (I just can't get to detailed here, I'm trying to stay classified), I decided that enough was enough.

So as an ex-employee (least bit disgruntled, believe it or not after you read that rant), I would not suggest using this company for so much as a grill gas tank. They just don't care about you guys. Sure a lot of businesses run that way, and are successful. But the clowns over at Amerigas will probably go down as the unfunny ever.

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I also was the one in your position, and you are absolutely 100% spot on.Drivers and service techs did the exact same things, and management never did anything about it.

I absolutely loved my job, but hated having to apologize day in and day out for the lack of commitment to the customer on the part of the drivers and service techs. However in their defense, I should also add that corporate does not properly staff their field offices and the employees are delegated entirely to much responsibility for the time they have to complete the work they are required to do. It is a shame that the largest propane provider in America does not care enough about their customers to live up to their motto of customer satisfaction and safety is priority by staffing appropriately. Their priority seems to be to keep the stock holders satisfied, by keeping expenses low and profits high.

Its a catch 22 situation.All in all, Americas is a solid company that isn't going anywhere any time soon, but come on, spend a little more to hire ample people to do the work and keep your promises to your customers.


So true


There something wrong w/a company that records your phone conversations. Adelanto, Ca 92301

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I worked at AmeriGas for five years.In that time I saw lots of folk's come and go..

It was a great job because of my customers!

I liked them they loved me! I always tried ti help them save money. Propane is dam expensive in the northwest! I went a whole

winter delivering gas solo.

Delivering more gas single handedly the 3 drivers at another location. Over 100 hours ot in two months of time. Not much time to spend with my only child. On the night I got a call from my boys doctor to tell me he had cancer(at 5 years old)(he was with his mother that night) I had had a few drinks.

Unfortunately I jumped in my truck to go see him at the hospital before he flew out(the same night). Yes I saw him, cried my eyes out and left for home. One great nurse working that night called and sent the cops looking for me. Long story short ..

DUI. Thats my fault! In this. Country u r innocent until proven guilty.

Unless u work for AmeriGas! Before I even lost my license or even went to court they canceled my insurance (no way to pay for cancer treatment for my boy), stopped my 401 k and wrote me off. The human resource dept. pretty much told me sorry about ur luck!

Thanks miss Kelly. U sure know how to kick a fellow when he's down! Would I go back to work for Amerigas? Yes.

Just for the pleasure of helping MY customers get a good rate and put smiles on their faces. The corprate world is a monster that only cares about money! Not hard working people. Im not sure if all Company's r the same but I do know a-meri-*** is just that!

Have a nice day corprate *** ...Me


I sure wish AmeriGas took as much care and pride in their employees as they supposedly do in their customers. they treat both like ***. They fire a 17 year employee for not marking a box on a form.


I have been a customer with Amerigas for a year and have nothing good to say about them.I was constructing a new building and had their sales person quote a charge of $300 to set the 1000 gal tank and run lines to my building if my contractor did the excavation and backfill.

After half of the install done, I received a bill for over $1500 and told that the company had to "resurvey" due to errors from the initial estimate with their total estimate coming in at over $2100 for the install which was more than double the other 2 estimates I received. After getting no satisfaction over the phone, I had to physically go to their office where I wanted them to remove their tank and go with another company. I was informed that, even though my contract stated $300, if I wanted the tank removed, I would be responsible for both the installation and removal costs. In order to complete my construction, I "compromised" with paying $900 and was told that, if I used a certain amount of propane each year, the tank rental charge would be waived.

I have now received a bill and was told that no one ever said that the rental would be waived. While I was warned by friends not to use Amerigas, I figured there must have been some sour grapes on thier side. However, I regret ever doing business with these people.

My experiences with them have included bait and switch tactics, not showing up, misrepresentations and lies.I would change companies except that I have an underground Amerigas tank and I am afraid of the cost they would charge to remove it.


Wait so you mean a company offered a new customer a lower rate than Amerigas offered its existing customers?THATS HOW ANY BUSINESS WORKS YOU INCREDIBLE RETARD.

They're going to take a loss on you and give you a really great price the first year to get you to switch, then after that first year is up you're going to find their prices are right around where Amerigas and everyone elses prices are. Figuring that out would have taken a brain and some patience, though. Neither of which you seem to have.

Also, I got my lock in invoice in July just like all the other customers did. It's not Amerigas' fault that you couldn't be bothered to open your mail.

And if it didn't auto-renew you'd be the first one whining on the internet about how they didn't lock you in (because you clearly wouldn't have had the brain power to think to do it yourself) and that they're "price gouging" by charging you the market rate. Some people just aren't happy no matter what a company does.

It's funny how noone stops to think about the reality of the situation though, just assume the worst and pretend there's a billion dollar company that has nothing better to do than make YOUR day miserable.Such white trash.


Having not receive propane for several months I received a bill for $147.The bill was for $112, with a late fee of $35.I called customer service and after a 30 minute wait I was referred to the state amerigas customer service office for another 30 minute wait.

Then I talked to the poor lady who had to defend Amerigas policy. My $112 charge was for a lock in rate for the coming season that I had never been contacted about. The late charge of $35 was for not paying the bill, which I never even received. This she said was there policy.

If you were locked in last year you are automatingly locked into the next year without notification. Then they charge you a penaly for not paying something you never even agreed to. In fact I suspect I unknowingly paid for a lock in last year without even knowing it. You think that's bad - here's the worst part.

The lock in rate is $299/gal plus a hazmet fee, and fuel fee and of course the $112 lock in fee.

I called another local company and their price was $229/gal with no additional fees.This kind of behavior by Amerigas is not accidental -it's comany policy.


2 winters ago we had cold snap in jacksonveille fl - lasted a few weeks - went to order gas - price jumped up to 6.50 gal,in matter of days - couldn't afford it - had to use space heaters. I don't think they care about the aveerage patron - only how much money we have.



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