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Guys, it just comes down to bad business. I was an Amerigas employee for several years, before I quit after seeing how they opporate. I was literally ashamed to say out loud where I worked in public, scared to see someone come and try to take a swing at me. They are seriously one of the worst businesses ever. I really don't know where to start. I was the guy that had to think of a new excuse every day to justify their horrible business. I was the guy answering your calls. I did my job. I gave your messages to the manager. I hounded the service men and delivery "techs" to get you gas and service. But to no avail, they just wouldn't listen. One service man in particular actually had the audasity to tell me one day that he didn't give "two ***" and that he will never "*** pick up a tank" because he felt that interfered with his more important jobs (ie. Setting tanks, getting new customers, fixing hot water heaters and furnaces etc. etc.). Realisticly the important job that he was describing was he sitting on his fat *** all day doing absolutely nothing. About a few months after I quit my job I had cought him several locations sleeping in his truck, and just flat out using company time to shop at non-work related stores. In retrospect I laugh at the sheer unprofessionalism that carries on at Amerigas, but when I was an employee I couldn't of been more frustrated in my working life.

He got away with this because the management at the time simply did not care or take affirmative action. You see, this is how Amerigas operates.

They have the "Us versus Them" mentality. Us being the small disctricts that work on location, And them being corporate. They would try to get away with doing little as possible because they knew that the corporate part of Amerigas couldn't give two *** about them or their jobs. They just want to constantly turn huge profits. Therefore they are laying people off left and right, and it's really just a game of keeping your job as long as you possibly can. So naturally that doesn't give much incentive to want to work hard and help customers.

But I tried. I really did. Truth of the matter is that I just couldn't deal with your (the customers) grief anymore because of the bad management. I was threatened on a daily basis, and was being called names that really bothered me. And after one situation which got extremely out of hand (I just can't get to detailed here, I'm trying to stay classified), I decided that enough was enough.

So as an ex-employee (least bit disgruntled, believe it or not after you read that rant), I would not suggest using this company for so much as a grill gas tank. They just don't care about you guys. Sure a lot of businesses run that way, and are successful. But the clowns over at Amerigas will probably go down as the unfunny ever.

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current amerigas employee, on 11-12-2010 09:21

and 10 minutes later...

happy amerigas customer servic, on 11-12-2010 09:31

So ridiculously obvious you SHILL MF!


Yeah I just don't all the complaints ... Amerigas is like the bestest company evah! I have used them since the day they opened and I love, I mean reaaaallly LOVE my Amerigas manager... he give the best BJ's evah!

And I love to pay double for gas... especially his gas right on my face.

He actually let me pay extra this time so I could post this ... I LOVE YOU AMERIGASSSS!!!!


I have been with Amerigas for quite a few years now & I have never had a problem with the way I have been treated. I have a manager that cares about me & my fellow employees.

I am sorry that some of you got under bad managerment (or whatever) & could not experience the great amerigas working environment that I have for the past several year. It really can be a great place to work :)

@happy amerigas customer servic

As of yesterday I'm no longer an AmeriGas employee for doing what my DM told me to who has only been there 60 days ( came from Borden milk) his boss is an ex condom salesman go figure that. I was the service tech and had to take care of everything the DM was supposed to do with no more pay.

District 5513 is going to be hurting bad with winter approaching letting the highest qualified person they had go!!!

Very poor management and corporate was no help . I did not receive not one write up in all my years there.

@happy amerigas customer servic

Amerigas is the worst company to work for !!! I worked there for over 16 years and they don't care who or what you do for the company my customers loved me and some of them can't believe I was let go only because the district manager who has only been there for two years had a personal problem with me lie and accused me of not answering his phone calls( company safety policy( no talking while driving )(drive cam ) til I was close to the office ,and accused me of refusing to go do a stop which I didn't refused but since we are only a number no one cared and no one appreciated my 16 years of dedication and loyalty to this company


I have been at amerigas now for about 6 years, and I have to say that the manager I work for in my district really does care about us, as employees...and the customers. He does what he can do to keep all of us happy.

Any corporate office has budgets to meet & goals to get to so they do what they have to to stay in business. If you, as an individual, would do your part to make the job easier & the customer happier, then it works as a ripple effect.Coming on to this website & making accusations & complaints only makes the world a more miserable place :)


don't think this only goes on in the south it also goes on up in the north. I lost my transport job because the manager for northern Vt,Nh,Ny.

Randy Chase wasn't getting his kickbacks from northern gas anymore. Jed buttler from the Houston office just wouldn't listen to my side of the story or talk to any of my witnesses on the whole thing so I know where you are comming from


i worked for amerigas for 23 years. when i said i wanted to retire at the age of 62 because of my knees the manager ( andre braseaux) fixed my retirement papers and i signed then with out reading them.

i did not know andre was a cut throat. after i was gone i got a letter from amerigas about the insurance that i had requested. the letter said i had voluntary termaniation .this is a lie i took a retirement...i dont know what is going on and i said that i would not say any thing about it because of the rest of the people working in lafayette,louisiana but i need to get this off of my chest.

i dont think you will read this letter but if you do ,dont ask me what i think about andre brasseaux you will not like my opion of him . and the rest of the shop feels the same way...the secetury quite because of him and she was a 12 employee....ernest istre


I also used the truck to shop at non work related shops and was cought sleeping in the truck.


You guys are still arguing with this. I only wrote this letter in anger because they terminated me for using their phones to make long distance phone calls to my friends when I was supposed to be working. I am way past that now.


Yea, terminated for failure to document,I,ll be fine, I,m sure your'e watching this site so *** me you ungreatfull bunch of hipocrits, go to Pennsylvania or a big district and see the difference in what they are driving and what you are prob. driving and tell me they are interested in equal safety, you can bet it's all about money boys and girls and don't let anyone kid you they will role right over you to get to it.

I'll bet no SSM will get fired for forgetting to fill in the little box, too busy filling there little report than to review work orders huh!!!! You guy's make plenty of mistakes,no wonder it's so hard to find qualified personnell, maybe Gene will jump in a bobtail in alesser district and catch OOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amerigas sucks...try coming to Chester NJ


Hey UnbiasedOpinion, if you actually read what I had to say, rather then assuming you would realize that I wasn't a propane delivery man. I worked in the office and I also put forth a strong effort every day in doing my job well. Instead of making your opinion based on assumtions like an ignoramus, read what someone has to say first, you ***.


All I do is pick up tanks many oyher gas

companies arround us have lower gas prices.

All the company is worried about is the bottom line and margins, they don't care what they charge the consumer. Ten plus years in business looking for another line of work to support my family i am gone when i find it. remember they are only concerned with bottom line not you.


From what I have seen in the time I've worked for this company is MOST of the area's operate well and try to take care of customers. Where some of you work there may be management who you may not think do the jobs they are supposed to do. But I can tell you that it isn't easy for them. (I am not a mgr btw) Those emails you talk about them doing a lot. Many of those are from customer care trying to help customers with issues they are having. That 20 min cig might be stress relief for them lol. And from what I have seen pricing wise it varies from location to location. Things like the cost of propane people see is propane to get to the yard. Sometimes a customer can be 200 miles away from that yard. It doesn't get to that location without costs. There are some areas where I see exceptional mgmt that do everything they possibly can do take care of everyone. But of course there are also a few areas where it does not work that way. There are ups and downs of all jobs. Yes sometimes your going to have to deal with a very angry customer because they ran out of gas or have other issues. But that is what we are paid to do. Btw the company provides MANY ways to deal with problems you may have. If there is a problem with management there are #'s that should be listed in every office. Like the ethical hotline for example. If you truly believe there is a problem and something needs to be done there are plenty of ways you can take action.

You guys try to have a great day and stop beating your head against wall over things like this. Just do what YOU need to do to do your daily job and don't let what others do get ya down.



Some lazy retard who couldn't manage to keep a job filling propane tanks that even a monkey could do has nothing good to say about his previous employer? Why am I not surprised?


i laugh my *** off seeing all these comments defending "AmeriGreed" on almost every post a customer makes.

thats today's amerigreed management personnel at work. all day long, they sit in front of their precious little laptops.

thats all the weasel, they recently hired at the blowhard office i used to work for ever did.


Just like any place of business, you will find disgruntled former employees or lazy employees who like to complain. I've worked at AmeriGas for six years and I can tell you they treat me and my fellow employees well, we take care of our customers and do nothing illegal or immoral.

The reason I don't have any complaints is I do what is expected of me, I do my job and I'm paid a salary. Stop whining, move on and why we're at it, take some spelling classes, educate yourselves and you won't have to rely on someone else to provide for you.


I find nothing wrong with the way Amerigas conducts their business, except for the myraid thousands of ways they try to screw patrons and employees. Without goin ginto too much detail because I will be terminated if it gets back to them . . . I had a disciplinary action taken against me because the SSM screwed up and I called 'em on it. Our Area mgr came in and his first words were terminate him.

I am not abig fan of unions but if you amerigas employees have any sense at all you will orginize to save your jobs because these people (amerigas mngment) do no tgive a rats *** about you or the customer. They do not want employees that do the right thing they want employees that will do whatever they are told with no questions asked.

Amerigas claims to be the safest, unless it interferes with selling gas. They charge outrageous amounts for LP and claim it is warranted because they provide 24/7 service. Show me an LP company that doesn't. They have a bonus system that is so contrived and convoluted that it is nearly impossible to receive a bonus (if you are a driver, service tech or office help) because of the simple fact that their prices are commonly $.80 higher than the competition. You do have a chance of this "bonus" if you are among the pets. And you will always hear an SSM moaning about not getting their bonus as they are heading to the bank with it.

There are so many obviously gaping holes in everything that Amerigas does that I couldn't possibly list them in a single post. Just remember employees, if you do care fo ryour family and you need to be able to keep your job with amerigas you have two choices. Be the employee that amerigas wants and do not be honest or you can check with your local union to protect your job.


"This is for 'Present-Day-Employees'@ Amerigas!!! Are you guys (& gals )aware of the fact that the Hendersonville Office (828)693-6381, employees two men from Spruce Pine,NC ??!!

Did you know that thses two guys drive company vehicles to work & back (4 hrs.'each'& every day of the week?) Did you know that's on company fuel? One drives the 'Service-Truck'that he has spent company money 'fixing-it-up'for when he goes out on dates!! Would you believe that this guy "fixes-his-Manager's Breafeast' on the mornings that he shows up for work??!! Don't believe me though!!

I'm a "Former-Employee" that was 'Terminated' for telling the TRUTH!! Check your 'Expence-Data' & 'Operating Costs' for the Hendersonville Office!! Check that against the 'Operating Costs' of 'Spruce-Pine' that has twice as many employees & 5 or 6 Trucks!! The H'ville Office only has 3 that they "NEED", but hang on to the other 2 for 'Speacial-Reasons'!!!

If I were you "Employees", I wouldn't be lookin for "Any-Raises" for the next few "YEARS !!!!" Have a Great & SAFE WINTER !! I'll be sittin-back this Winter getting a well-deserved $$$$$