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Guys, it just comes down to bad business. I was an Amerigas employee for several years, before I quit after seeing how they opporate. I was literally ashamed to say out loud where I worked in public, scared to see someone come and try to take a swing at me. They are seriously one of the worst businesses ever. I really don't know where to start. I was the guy that had to think of a new excuse every day to justify their horrible business. I was the guy answering your calls. I did my job. I gave your messages to the manager. I hounded the service men and delivery "techs" to get you gas and service. But to no avail, they just wouldn't listen. One service man in particular actually had the audasity to tell me one day that he didn't give "two ***" and that he will never "*** pick up a tank" because he felt that interfered with his more important jobs (ie. Setting tanks, getting new customers, fixing hot water heaters and furnaces etc. etc.). Realisticly the important job that he was describing was he sitting on his fat *** all day doing absolutely nothing. About a few months after I quit my job I had cought him several locations sleeping in his truck, and just flat out using company time to shop at non-work related stores. In retrospect I laugh at the sheer unprofessionalism that carries on at Amerigas, but when I was an employee I couldn't of been more frustrated in my working life.

He got away with this because the management at the time simply did not care or take affirmative action. You see, this is how Amerigas operates.

They have the "Us versus Them" mentality. Us being the small disctricts that work on location, And them being corporate. They would try to get away with doing little as possible because they knew that the corporate part of Amerigas couldn't give two *** about them or their jobs. They just want to constantly turn huge profits. Therefore they are laying people off left and right, and it's really just a game of keeping your job as long as you possibly can. So naturally that doesn't give much incentive to want to work hard and help customers.

But I tried. I really did. Truth of the matter is that I just couldn't deal with your (the customers) grief anymore because of the bad management. I was threatened on a daily basis, and was being called names that really bothered me. And after one situation which got extremely out of hand (I just can't get to detailed here, I'm trying to stay classified), I decided that enough was enough.

So as an ex-employee (least bit disgruntled, believe it or not after you read that rant), I would not suggest using this company for so much as a grill gas tank. They just don't care about you guys. Sure a lot of businesses run that way, and are successful. But the clowns over at Amerigas will probably go down as the unfunny ever.

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"Try calling the Hendersonville Branch between 11:30 am & 1:30 pm & see if you get the 'Office Manager'! She's out to lunch!!

Two Hours for lunch!! This is why some of you are being 'Laid-Off'!! In all honesty she can perform what little she does in only 3 hrs. a day!

So why don't cut her back? Well they have cut her back to 32hrs. a week, but she still gets a 2 hr.linch break!! That's 5 hrs.

a week(gassman!, just in case you forgot how to count!) that consumers are paying for!! Check with Blossman Gas!! They are Truly a GOOD Company that treats 'ALL' fairly!!..........That Hendersonville # is (828)693-6381 !! Ask for Manager if you get "anybody" to answer!!

He is never in!! Too busy ordering new 'Knee-Pads' for hisself & 'gassman'!!


Shut up and do your job don't worry what the other guy is doing just do your job.I have worked for Amerigas for 19 years at to different locations and i have not had any problems ive worked with a great bunch of people hard working and commited to their customers.


will another round of employee cuts just 2 left in the field. and these *** at corp still expect us to get things done.

and winter comming i guess another group of inadequately trained seasional people will be making deliveries.cant believe the co uses minimaly trained delivery personal to handle this product. maybe nobody will get hurt


Our hands are tied!! This company is only out for the almighty dollar.

At corporate level. They don't care about the "little people". They need to hear these complaints over and over until someone listens. If we could only tell you the truth when you call our offices.

Some locations its simply service or delivery that doesn't listen. But for the most part its the Manager of that location. My location all the manager does is talk on cell,check email and go out and smoke every 20 minutes!!! Thats all the qualifications required to fill that position.

What A JOKE!!!!!

I'm also embarassed the tell people where I work. But I need a paycheck.




so true and if you worked delivering cylinders you would get to find out that service techs wont even pick up cages leaving me to wrestle them into the truck after unloading 250 tanks and driving 220 miles for the day to find them sitting in the a/c with their kids running around the place like its the playpen at mcdonalds


Yeah, and gas stations used to wash your windshield ans check your oil. I an willing to bet these so called former employees where fired for being ..........lazy and dense.


The company I worked for was bought by Amerigas, sence then manpower his been cut while still asking us for growth. We try but at times call volume is overwelming.

Most of the people left try but some just gave up and just collect checks and mgr.

is overwelmed with paper work to see all problems. Some days I think about finding another job but the economy sucks and I have a family to feed.


It gets real frustrating when drivers pick and choose what they want to do and I have to answer for their actions. Competition is over $1 per gallon less than us and our maximum raises no matter how well we do are less than inflation, even though stock dividends (nyse: apu) rise faster than inflation. This company sucks!!!

If we sound rude on the phone, this is why. Refer all calls, especially about or nose-bleedingly high lock-in rate that we're NOT ALLOWED to adjust, even if it means losing you as a customer, to corporate. 610-337-7000.

Frankly, we want to help you but we can't. Talk to the people who can.