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Ignorance is bliss...until you finally see the light and realize you have been getting robbed - and apparently it's completely legal in this unregulated industry. We have been with Amerigas for 4 years.

Builder put in their tank and we have been "stuck" unless we buy the tank for $2500 (and shouldn't that drop as it is now used). Recieved our latest bill as was ticked to see they charged $3.829/gallon!!! The national average according to DOE is $2.827. So, I first check around the nieghborhood and find others just paid anywhere from $2.20-$2.90 with other resellers.

I call our local reseller to ask about our rate...in less than 60 seconds she offers $2.79 and then drops it to $2.40 with no hesitation. So, I took that. Then looked at our bill in August and noticed they also charged $3.69 then. So...is this the way they operate when you do not own the tank - charge you insane rates in hopes you don't complain and if you do reduce the rate.

How is this legal? The rate for that day should be the rate. No option to make it up on a whim. Oh yeah...and for both deliveries I had to call multiple times to have delivery so we didn't run out.

What happened to Auto-Delivery??

I just feel like we have been robbed for the last 4 years.

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You also cannot buy a tank for a "used" price because the supplier must pay full price to replace that tank.


I have worked in the propane industry in the past. Prices rely heavily on usage as BooEffingHoo pointed out.

My employer would get calls almost daily because snoopy neighbors would compare prices and one would be paying, let's say for this example, $2.00 more per gallon than the other.

Well of course they call and complain.

It varied case to case, but in this example, the customer paying the higher price would use it for cooking, have a 23 gallon (100 pound) tank, and get a delivery every 3 months... while the customer with the lower price would have a 250 gallon torpedo-style tank, used it for heat, hot water, and cooking, and get a delivery once a week.


In our area in Houston Texas, Amerigas is $2.93 plus hazmat fees and fuel surcharge fees, technically making the price per gallon $3.08 per gallon. Any OTHER propane company in the area is $2.50-$2.65 per gallon.

NO HAZMAT FEES and NO FUEL SURCHARGE FEES from every other company!!!!!!! Amerigas SUCKS!!!!!!


Why is your price not locked in? Do you enjoy paying expensive market rates during the winter?

And where are you getting your pricing information from? Prices vary a lot from one area to another. Down south it's not uncommon to pay $4.50 a gallon on average, and people don't mind prices that high because that's what it goes for down there.

Up here in the north we have it cheaper because of higher volume of sales. It's funny how everyone just pulls some random number out of their behind whenever they're quoting the "average price" for propane.


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with billing and delivery.

I’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran

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