Rancho Mirage, California
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Amerigas filled my propane tank and I got a bill for $695.00 and after research found out they charged me $4.85 per gallon. Calling another local carrier Ferrellgas, their price was $2.55 per gallon.

I went into Amerigas and complained, at that point they offered to drop the bill to $3.50 per gallon...which is yet to be seen. I am Pissed!!!

I spoke with Michelle at Amerigas in Yucca Valley who had such a cavalier nonchalant attitude and demanded that I smile before she gives me the supposed discount. I am still waiting to hear from her.

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crooks all of them they double the prices without notice. I used to have Heritage propane but Ameracrooks bought them out. Told them to remove thgier tank today


Yes we just got charged $4.90 a gallon my wife asked for me to check this out thank you all for you posting as now I know we have also been ripped of


Amerigas can never give us the price per gallon prior to our budget contract expiring. So the end result is fill up your tank at the current budget rate (3.49 gal) before signing a contract not knowing whether it will higher or lower than what I am paying now.

The 3.49 per gal that we have is because we had to cry, beg and offer our first great grandchild for ransom.

There has got to be some control. They are going to find two elderly individuals over 80 with a mentally handicapped son (52) frozen to death because on a fixed income anything over $2.00 is an outrageous expense for us.


I don't know why my comment says I'm from Columbia, South Carolina - I live and am posting this from Cross City, Florida on the Gulf Coast! :grin


Amerigas used to be good - now they're a ripoff. I just paid $2.23 gallon from Plantation Propane.


I just paid 282 for 132 gallons with amerigas so on on will call they cant rip u off


Kitt. I just had the same experience with Amerigas.

Going rate is no more than $3.00 and I was charged $4.96.

I complained and the lady quickly offered to reduce it by $.50 per gallon. I'm still extremely dissatisfied.

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