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We rented a house in July 2010, which already had a tank with some propane in it. Since we use gas only for two fireplaces, we did not need to order more gas until December 2010.

The tank was not low; we ordered then just to be on the safe side for the winter. I contacted Amerigas, since we were new to the state, and there was a facility close to the house. My first issue with the company is the way they calculate their charges, but my main complaint is regarding tank rental. After I was told there was an $87.

rental fee, I called and spoke with the (very rude) manager. I explained to him that we do not own the property, and the landlord had told me previously that he owned the tank. The manager was adamant that Amerigas owned it. I asked him to produce paperwork proving that, but he could not do so, could not even give me the serial number.

When I mentioned to the manager that I possibly should change suppliers, he told me how much trouble and expense small accounts like ours is for the company. I asked him who had been paying the tank rental since 1980's, when the house was built, and he said no one was. I spoke with our landlord again, and he reiterated that he owns the tank and never used Amerigas services anyway. Mysteriously,when my fuel was delivered, someone scratched the dirt off the imprinted serial number and slapped an Amerigas sticker on the tank.

Today I received a bill for the annual tank rental, and am not quite sure what to do about it.

I feel that this is a bogus charge. My account is with Amerigas in Murphy, NC.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

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