Winnemucca, Nevada

this company is nothing but a ripoff i thought it was a poor local dealer but it looks like the corporate supports this poor service and lies i would be more than happy to join in a class action against them

every bill is overcharged and double charged

they purposely tried to let the tank run out last winter to get an additional fee-twice

this happened after being called over two weeks in advance

fake fees and taxes are on every bill

now after being contacted to remove tank(they have 30 days)

they have sent me an additional bill for tank rent(it already has been 40 days)

now i have had phone messages that they need another week

i think this would put it past the 15th of the month so they can charge late fees too

o yeah the compettitor i went with also has some past employees of them

and they are even shocked at the poor service

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Five years ago I lived in a property that we rented, it had propane gas. We had moved and bought a house elsewhere.

To date (five years later) I have been receiving bills. I know for a fact, that our tank was completely empty. I got a bill for around $200 I phoned them asked them to correct the billing, they said that we had propane left in the tank, when we did not. It wasn't even listed in my name, It was listed in the LL name we rented from.

Now again we're getting another bill for $99. This bill is over 5 years old shouldn't been billed to begin with, now the new due has been changed by Amerigas. I will be filing complaints with BBB and AG Office, to get this situation fixed. Our tank was empty, when we left five years ago, therefor we shouldn't of been billed, unless someone else ordered gas in my name.

I asked them to correct it, as the tank was empty when we left. They just tell me, we owe a new bill?

How? We haven't lived there for over 5 years.


The HazMat fee is a real fee, everything else I agree with as being ridic.


I also got a tank rental bill, mine was $160 for 12 months. I had never had a bill like that before.


Rip-off charges by Amerigas:

1. Fuel Recovery Fees - to pay for gas in their truck.

2. HazMat & Safety Fee - to "train their employess and cover their cost to comply with various regulations.

3. Pump-out charge - 35-cents/gal to empty the gas you've already paid for.

4. Meter service fee - cost of reading a meter!!

5. Service Dispatch fee - cost of dispatching service tech, plus other charges as well.


You should seriously call them back and tell them you are charging them storage fee's! Tell them you began charging them those fee's from the day after you originally called.

The rate of $10.00 a day is reasonable. It worked for me!

Check out my complaint 324994! Good luck and let me know!!

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