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When I received my last fill up mid-December 2010, Amerigas charged $4.94 a gallon. My home's heat, hot water & cooking all run on propane, which generally accounts for less $$$ per gallon?

My home is roughly 3500 sq. ft. I know I signed a contract, but come on, talk about price gouging! I called around and was able to lock-in with a new company @ $2.69 for an entire year!

When I called Amerigas in Colchester, CT, I asked if they could match/come close to the new company's price. The representative, Bev, said "no," and that if she was me, "she would switch companies also!" I just received a letter in the mail stating that my "account is in jeopardy and is in imminent danger of having all propane deliveries stopped and your meter locked off." Bahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have a new company, Amerigas, and I pay them in full each time they deliver. Did you know your empty tanks are still sitting in my yard?

When you come and get them, I will pay my remaining balance. Until then, they make lovely flower planters!

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The Amerigas tank has been sitting in our driveway since 4/11/11. I have also been calling the San Marcos office and they keep promising it will be picked up. Please!!!!!

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