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In this world, if there is a worst company, AmeriGas is one. Its service is worst, techniqian is not qualified.

THIS IS a LIAR COMPANY. Promising one thing, then charge is another. I had a job let it done. It fixed, then created worse leaky in my propane pipeline.

Called it back, it said free. Then later on I got a fat bill of $350 bill. How could it be for a small screw tighten-like job? Then you though it should be under guarantee.

You will be 100% wrong. even worse you will be caught much more charge for its services. You lost gas, it does not care..

It cares of your wallet. It is a SUCKER.

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WOW, This is the united states, we speek english here! Not sure about you and some of your posting friends, but you should all go home!

Lyman, South Carolina, United States #260223

Where do I even start? Just back away from the keyboard, put your hands behind your back & assume the position.

This is an open & shut case if I ever saw one. You will never snub your nose at the laws of grammar after I'm done with you.

If there's one thing I won't stand for it's the blatant disregard for proper use of the English language. And you, sir/madam, are in direct violation.

Lyman, South Carolina, United States #258731

Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with service.

We’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran


stop ranting and do some thing about it! if its their equipment then they are responsible.

don't act like a victim.

go ahead and talk to a person of authority. some one who is actually in a position to make a decision without refering to a randomly changing rule book!

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