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Amerigas Complaint!!! We live in Ramona, CA. of San Diego County. We live on a street that has a large common tank that Amerigas provides propane for, Approx. 21 homes. We have notice every winter over the past three or four years that they are charging much higher rates than other Propane Companies. So we have had to call and complain about the high pricing over the past several winters.

Now, they have a guaranteed income because it's a common tank and they purchased the property the tank sits on. It's not until you call and complain do they lower the prices. Right now they are charging us $5.98 a gallon and they are not reducing the prices, unless you personally call in and complain.

They are also trying to get people to sign a contract for one year, for what they call special pricing for our street. Supposedly .90 cents above their cost...They claim. So they say our price per gallon is $2.74. So how do they justify charging $5.98 per Gallon? We are on a common tank, why do we need to sign a contract? Why not just charge the $2.74 per gal. to begin with??? Why are we having to call and complain before you will reduce from our bill what is obviously and an accelerated price???

If propane is a primary heat source for homes and businesses, I believe it should be regulated just as electricity and natural gas are regulated by the Utilities Commission. That would stop all the OBSCENE PRICE HIKES!!! Amerigas is the largest propane provider in this country, you should be ashamed of this pricing out control issue. You are forcing your customers to choose between heat and other necessities for their families, many of them with small children. Not to mention our Senior Citizens who are on limited incomes!!! If you want customer loyalty, quit making excuses for the absorbent pricing, just charge the fair price to begin with and you would not have all these complaints to answer for. Shame on you Amerigas!!!

You are forcing people on this street to consider switching to an individual tanks. Stop treating your customers like they are the ones who are inconveniencing your business. Remember we are paying you to provide a service to us!!!

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you weren't aware this was a community system when you moved in. didn't you research. is there a restriction that would prevent you from getting a tank installed at your house.


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Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. If you send your account details to me at customerfirstfran at amerigas dot com, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran

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