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I was in the propane gas business for over 9 years The company I work for sold out to Ameri Gas

I stayed with Ameri Gas 4 months until I was no longer satisfied with the way they operated Even after I had left Ameri Gas I had my customers calling me asking me what company I was now working for due to the fact they could not get any service from Ameri Gas (I am and was no longer working in the propane gas field)

I had learned through the years in the propane business all you really had to offer was "service" because basically propane is propane is propane it's no different than any other propane

dealers gas

Ameri Gas has "No customer service"

You order gas and they tell you it maybe a week or more before you get it and even if you're lucky when they do tell you they deliver like on a Friday but someone will have to be home due to "out of gas call" and you *** work to be there and then you happen to be outside and watch the Ameri Gas bobtail go right past your house at 2pm in the afternoon and then you think why didn't he stop??? then you call Ameri Gas office to find out why Then you are told the delivery driver ran out of hours (at 2pm a driver he has run out of hours) "yeah right" now it be Monday before you get your gas and this is what called "customer service" I truly now understand why Ameri Gas offices are closing all around here in my area This is all due to poor management and corporate offices that could care less or they be on top of what's happening

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You are exactly right. IV been in the propane business for 15 yrs and my company sold out to Amerihell...lol.

The service has dropped and now sucks. I work in the office and feel so bad for these customers. We the district staff get no help from corporate. They have cut us to a skeleton crew.

They worry about commercial accounts before a residential. My days are counting down to my leaving this *** of a company.

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