After a year of hearing false promises of working to straighten out a billing error, I think its time to fight back. Was promised an introductory rate of $1.69 per gallon, we had propane delivered and billed at $2.19 per gallon. When talking to the representative of Amerigas, I was promised a credit on my account and that the intrductory rate would be honored on the next order.

Well what do you know, they knew nothing of this when the the next order was placed. More smooth talking and more promises. No action!!!!!!!

Why can a company have so little regard for their customers. Because they own the tank, I can't get anyone else to fill it.

So I'm stuck with crappy service and a company that lies more than it tells the truth. I'm ready to convert to wood and tell them to stick the tank and service where the sun don't shine

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