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I bought a property that was currently being serviced by Amerigas; it has a 1000gal tank and a 500gal tank. Moreover, we updated the kitchen stove to gas and a commercial unit at that, and we re-did the built in pool and expect to use the 'heater' out there on a daily basis - so our potential usage would be significantly higher.

The owner of record died and before he did, he told me that I should consider changing gas companies from Amerigas because: they're higher than others and, they're difficult to deal with. It seemed like a hassle to change so I thought I'd give Amerigas every benefit of the doubt before I made a change.

My first contact was when I wanted to know which gauge to read (dead of winter, 2 gauges) to determine when to get a refill (I haven't had propane before). Tina (Blissfield,MI customer service) wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't the owner. I explained that I only had a generic question about how to read the tank gauge. She wouldn't even listen to my question. Further, her attitude was cold, uncaring and disconnected.

I called twice more about this and another minor, again, a generic question, non-specific to this location, and got very rude and uninterested staff; different staff each time, all seemingly inconvenienced that they had to answer the phone at all. At one point I panicked because I thought that the gas was empty and I called to say that the trustee of the property would be calling with an order but I wanted to know how long before they could fill it. She said, "two weeks". I said, "I don't think you understand..." She cut me off, "I understand perfectly, you don't have any gas. Two weeks." (temperatures were down to 14 degrees that night) I was astounded (once again) at the attitude of these Amerigas staff. What kind of company is this? Why aren't they courteous? Why don't they inquire about a situation? Why can't they be cordial or courteous or even offer an explanation if they know their answer is likely to be a disappointment to the caller? And why aren't they about 'service'?

I asked my neighbor about Amerigas and he said, "God, get rid of them. None of the people around here will use them." I asked my brother who lives about 2 miles from there and he said, "We don't have them but I've heard a lot of bad things about them."

So finally, I called and requested that their tank be picked up (I found a terrific company - Schultz, Milan, MI - who was cheaper and friendly from the office staff to truck drivers to fill-up crew). Once again, I had an unfriendly Amerigas 'customer service' person answer who wouldn't talk to me until I said with emphasis, "the owner is dead - get it? He's DEAD." After all her rudeness and *** attitude, NOW she wanted information. I told her to get her tank off of my property.

I was really pissed now. I called back one more time(I own two small companies and seeing a 'national' company run this way gets to me; I know I'm wasting far too much energy on the likes of an inept outfit like this). I asked this residential sales guy (Jay)in the Ypsilanti Office for a supervisor. He refused to accommodate me. His attitude was that they didn't take complaints. Why am I not surprised? I asked to whom I could specifically speak to about a complaint and he reluctantly said a sales manager and he'd give them my number. Of course, no one has called and once again, across 3 Michigan offices I've had "0" cooperation, "0" customer service and "0" assistance. I'm an easy-going guy by and large, and I remained patient with the 'dead wood' staff until it happed twice - after Tina, I could only roll with it for so long.

Amerigas is a HUGE disappointment to me. How could a company like this be so large? If it was only Tina I'd like to think that I'd understand that one bad employee is inevitable. That's far from my experience. Corporate needs to look at its Michigan officers. They're ultimately responsible, just as I take the rap for any bad employees that I might have. Tina wouldn't make it to lunch time on her first day with my company.

It might be best for Tina and Jay and the entire Michigan Amerigas outfit to get laid off or, given 'some' training, or whatever it takes for them to understand that a 'job', any job, but especially one in customer service, means you have to listen, to 'hear', to understand, to be courteous and to 'try' to help your caller or client. Of course, sometimes you just can't tell them what they want to hear. But there are skills, that seemingly nearly everyone else in other customer services areas of other companies have, that can be implemented to keep your customer satisfied or at least cooperative.

Even on the Amerigas website, there is absolutely no place to send an email or correspond with anyone. It's like a ghost company. You can only contact them IF you want to BUY from them. Amerigas is totally a one-way company.

Amerigas, good riddance. I will do my very best to spread the word to whomever will listen, that you should be avoided like the plague. In my experience with you, Amerigas - there's nothing Ameri-can about you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

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good for you... I think a lot of these big companies started off with good leadership and then somewhere along the way got too big....And probably the owner is so rich now he doesnt care about the few people that complain..

My hats off to you though, boycott the suns of ***.....from Maine.... I have trouble with propane companies up here too.


I was wondering if they came and got your tank. I live in TN and having been trying to get one removed off a propety I recently purchased for four months now.

At first they were nice and just kept putting me off, saying they were really busy and would get it the next week, then they would make various other excuses, but I called just yesterday and the "manager" I talked to said they'd get it when they got the time and hung up on me! I don't know what else to do, I can't get ahold of anyone that will take action.


The local TV station? Do you feel big and important when you make a threat like that?

Do you really think the local TV station cares about your *** propane problems? And even if they did, do you think you or your little podunk TV station are a pimple on the a ss of Amerigas?

Get over yourself, holy ***. They better put the wide lens on when you open your big mouth on TV.


Fran must really be busy. She is also working on my complaint and I have not heard back yet. My husband and I are not fooling around with them for to much longer before we take our concerns to the local TV station.

It is really bad when the local office will not answer the phone. That is the first sign of bad business practice. The manager not calling customers back is another bad sign. I want to know what he is hiding! I hope Fran does not expect him to call her back.

If this is the way the branch offices are run, I bet their corporate offices are a mess also.

Sorry AmeriGas. I have worked in collections and treated people who owed us $250,000 better than I am being treated.


Hi, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with customer service in Michigan and would like to help you.

Please send your account details to me at so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Fran

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