Greenleaf, Idaho
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I visited the Amerigas office on Fri 8/28/15 and was told that the price was 1.81 per gallon. I then asked them to please send someone out to top off my tank.

On Mon 8/31/15 a Amerigas truck showed up. Before filling up, I told the driver that I was told on Friday that the price was 1.81 per gallon. I asked him if this was right. He confirmed it.

We then talked about this years pre-buy that was 2.51 per gallon. He recommended not going for it, because he does not think Propane will get that high. He filled my tank with 250 gallons. Today I received the bill.

Amerigas charged me 3.37 per gallon. WTF!!! They pulled this *** on my before and is happening again.

They are either incompetent or they are *** crooks!! Now my stomach is twisted up and I have to fight these *** again.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service and price gouging, Customer service will lie to you.

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Hi ask for a copy of your delivery ticket it should have the price on the ticket of the 1.89 and that is the only price they can charge you it's against the law to charge a different price the price on that ticket is their advertised price. I work for them they have done this to several of my customers luckily I have caught it and fixed it for my customers and called them to tell them to ignore that invoice. Believe me they know they are doing this.


A driver came to my house and I caught him before he could hook up to my tank. I told him not to fill it.

I was going to use a different supplier when the gas was used up and they could pick up their tank. A few days later I came home from work and a bill was in my door. They filled the tank that day at a cost of $3.85/gal. My neighbor just had his filled a few days earlier at a cost of $2.05/gal.

Not only do they price gouge they do what they please.

When I first got the tank they insisted that a laborer from their firm dug the trench for the line. I did the labor and I told the lady that. I told her to ask the delivery and installation folks to verify that and she acted like a ***-which she was. I told her if that was the case to come pick up the tank and that the check I gave her a few days ago would be voided by the bank.

She then said that she would not charge me for the labor I did. what an *** The best thing to do is go on line and tell them to never deliver again and when the tank was empty you will call them.

By the way if there is gas left in the tank they will charge you the same as you paid for the gas to empty the gas back into their truck. I think they should change their name to "Rip offs are we".

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