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This is a copy of a letter I just submitted to the AmeriGas web contact form:

I would like to tell you why you lost my business.

We were customers for only one year, having purchased a home that was already serviced by you. In mid-April, I called for propane delivery. We were down to under 15%. I was assured that although there was an issue with their service guys (one was out sick, the other absent due to a death in the family), they would be able to get out within the standard 5 day response time--and just call if we didn't get our delivery.

No one came. I called the next week, and several times after that when each promised delivery date came and went, each time given a different excuse: Driver quit without notice. New driver on the route. Truck broke down (twice). Each time we were told that our request would be escalated so that we would be next up for delivery, but apparently their drivers pick and choose where they feel like going, because we never got our propane after WEEKS of waiting. We were now down to 8%.

We contacted Ferrellgas, who was more than happy to pick up our business and set us up with automatic monitoring, would not require COD terms (even though we have excellent credit, your local office insisted on COD), and they swapped out our tank and filled it up about a week after we called.

I called your company immediately after our tank was swapped out, on 5/16, and asked them to pick it up. She said someone would be out in 2 weeks. Well, true to form, no one came. Now a month later, I called again, and was told that the service guy just hadn't had the time to get it, would be out of the office for some time, and it probably wouldn't be until the end of July before they pick it up. EXCUSE ME?

Having no other recourse, I told her fine, but if they weren't out here by the end of July, we would consider the tank abandoned and would take other action to have it removed.

Your company has a lot to learn about customer service. You are not the only propane providers out there, so you should not be taking your customers for granted. Even though Ferrellgas will cost us more, their service thus far has been outstanding, and we are more than happy to pay a little more for good service than to get treated like *** by your company.

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The AmeriGas company in Dora, Alabama has the rudiest customer service that I have ever dealt with in all my life! If that is customer service, I don't need it.


we have never had a problem getting our local amerigas company to deliver, however trying to get them to deliver the correct amount seems to be impossible. after first not delivering enough gas to see us through a week in november after we paid for 100 lbs, they delivered $300 more gas than we agreed upon.

my wife called the company (I was in afghanistan)and was reduced to tears by the receptionist.

our latest battle with this company involves them not being willing to discuss what fees we are being charged.

the receptionist absolutly refuses to talk to either of us.

she told me " this is YOUR price" and would go no further. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.


Iam a costumer of amerigas. I prepaid 650 dollars on Jan 4 2011.Today is Jan 11 2011 and i still have not recieved any propane.I also have 3 children and Iam in kidney failure with cancer and i explained this to them.

All i can say to you is that i cant wait to get electric heat! Thanks for nothing.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.

William W

This is the first time I had read that Amerigas was cheaper than the competition. Thank you for your honesty.I will admit that service from most big corporations always could be and should be better. Service excellence is a goal everyone should strive for.




the young new people lack any industry expertise and know how. The people running the New Amierigas do not have any real business sense and it has ruined the company.

Westlake is a failure- Trent is a failure. The day is coming when Gene will get the truth and clean house.


survival of the fittest. out with the old and untrainable and in with smarter younger blood. They used to ride horses once.....a lot of people thought the automobile was crazy....

real forward lookers


Things have only gotten worse over the last few years at Amerigas. They have filled the ranks with people who do not know the propane industry. They have a call center that is totally overwhelmed and staffed with people who do not know the industry, are under trained and we lose more and more customers due to the poor service given from the call center. Management is running scared as they fear the next cuts will be their jobs. Most the office personal at all the districts have been cut and only part time under trained employees are now hired to fill the ranks in Ohio districts. Old employees who have the know how and been loyal are treated poorly or as if they are of no value. Some stay some are leaving and it is all bad. They do not replace these people with quality people just the lowest cost fits the bill anymore at Amerigas.

Technology is trying to replace human know how with terrible results. This is a proven failed attempt at cost savings that Level Propane and many before have tried. Most the call center and personal come from Level propane which went bankrupt and a lot of these former employees now are running Westlake or parts of it.

You have people with 40 years experience listening to people with 3. It is a total failure but they come up with false statistics to try and prove to the general employee base that all is well and we are leading the way to the "new Amerigas". We are doing half what we used to and making half the moeny we used to and have half the people we used to and yet all is smiles and good and happy bs.

Too bad - I do not know where the lying started but it is out of hand as management is told to follow suit or they will be gone.

My days are numbered but I am done with the lying and the falsehoods. I was a good employee and took care of my customers and I was hoping for a future after so many years. I know the time has come to move on before I am cut anyhow as I have bennies but not for long.

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