Jacksonville, Florida

I have been an amerigas customer for many years. I have had my ups and downs with the company.

But in recent years I have been pretty happy with the service. I go into my local office in Jacksonville Fl to pay my bills and I have developed a real relationship with a few of the ladies there. But I have become horribly offended by the new management there. The last few times I have been there I have witnessed the management being very disrespectful to the ladies there.

It seems like the work they do my be stressful but the level of disrespect that I have witnessed on several occasions is unexceptable. Some of the customer service reps at this office are great, and I just think in that line of work a company would be happy to have such employees rather than treat them so badly.

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I am having some very big problems at my district so much that I am about to talk to a lawyer about sexual harassment. I need advise please help me and give me a call my number is 8923796228 thank you.


my previous post lists my location as omaha, this is not the case i am from the southwest. and the company threatened me with ending my severance pay and not paying nearly 21000 they still owe me for running multiple districts as well a safety for the entire state.

if i reveal my actual location. No the New Amerigas does not care for Loyal Old Amerigas employees.


as a former manager i can see your reason for complaint.Amerigas no longer has any regard for Amerigas employees. they are all being replaced by incompetent heritage management.

in my old district my employees and i were friends working together to take care of our customers under extreme circumstances.Now since the heritage management team came in and removed all the amerigas managers in our region. my former employees are dealing with daily attacks from the manager. the customer relations rep is having to tolerate employees who have admitted to repeated sexual harassment incidents. and the new manager covers for him.

the employees have filed comments with hr ethics department and have been threatened with their jobs. You are absolutely correct the NEW Amerigas does not care for its employees


@ you know who i am. sounds strange that michigan is complaining about florida?

The next step is to be sure you don't have sour grapes.

I know a lot of dock workers and seasonals are jealous of full time drivers and techs but that doesn't mean you get to try to damage them.

If you truly have a problem above local manager I'm sure a company this big has a HR department and has a written procedure you should look it up because ignorance of a policy is no excuse for not following it and you will be out on your butt complaining about the next place you work. It sounds like your a trouble maker who needs to leave


Curious as to why a service tech does what he feels like gets caught sleeping not working literaly does one thing a.day currently the entire plant is.about to walk out over one employee we all went to the mngr has not got very far for us he still is creating more problems not sure how to go about the situation whats the next step

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