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I went to the local Shell station at Northside and I-35 to get a propane exchange a few weeks ago. I had a blue rhino tank but all they had were Amerigas tanks.

I needed the propane to grill so I exchanged for a filled Amerigas tank. When I placed it on my grill the tank leaked badly. I finally figured out it was the little rubber gasket in the tank nozzle. It was cracked and old.

I took the full tank back to Shell for a new one and of the 3 Amerigas tanks they had left all three of them had worn or cracked gaskets. The photo attached is the best gasket I could find in the group. Come on Amerigas. Replace the 10 cent rubber gasket each time you refill a tank.

You lost me as a customer- I'll stick with blue rhino from now on. At the Shell station even the attendant was surprised how the empty blue rhino tank gaskets looked brand new and the Amerigas empty and full tanks looked like the photo attached or much worse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: I want a new gasket in my exchaged tank and a promise from Amerigas they will replace these gaskets each time they refill a tank.

Amerigas Pros: Convenience of buying propane close to home.

Amerigas Cons: Dont change out the gaskets each time they refill a tank.

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Would not deliver pulled up 26 yrs I've had 25 back surgery gave every penny I had to deliver they had plenty of time before storm they don't want to get feet wet he could back in my driveway if they sent capleable of dragging hose why send them so I can run lower ever year no compassion lies and never went there this much fuel with there valve stuck says no leaks well what if there is how get to tanks they put there I gave money on my only penny I had there rude driver didn't walk arround I did and feel


What happened it one 80 pound tank valve they brought it stuck I'm using way to much fuel this is not rt.


It's not a 10 cent gasket. The rubber inside of the OPD valve is not replaceable.

The entire valve needs to be replaced. I've had the same problem with blue rhino.


Interesting you say the rubber gasket isn't replaceable. According to Blue Rhino it is, and is replaced each time the tank is readied for refill.


So who do you think is lying. Bought my own tanks FILLED $ 30 EACH.

Our local gas company refills at $9.95 each for TWENTY pounds. Not 15 for more than double the price at a cage. Legally can get up to 4 tanks filled at once. Can't believe people go to those places , and put that crap in their car and connect them to their bbqs.

You ever see how people take care of these tanks ?

I treat my garbage pails better. Golng to these cages is right up there with selling your change at discount at a coin star!