Clermont, Florida
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Amerigas lets their budget customers run out of gas purposely. Charge customers for gas they didn't recieve.

Beg for refunds. Fill budget customers tank just before settlement month and then increase the budget payments for the following year. Inflate prices on for pay-as-you-go customers. Managers lie to your face when confronted in the office about their service and billing practices.

I've witness the same complaints I had from other customers while visiting the office.

It is a standard practice for the Fredericksburg, VA office to be corrupt!! Forget about getting a call back from them or corporate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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This place sucks..literally! They say a tank holds 80 gallons.

By law they have to leave room in the tank for safety reasons. They charge you for 100 gallons. We have two tanks. They filled them both up last winter.

We used the tank 10-12 times. They said it is empty now. They want us to pay rent on it. Never before in 10 years have we paid rent.

Also, we told them to put us on auto-fill. They did not. We ran out. They came out serviced one of our FP's and said it needed work.

They can not fill an empty tank and start the FP without servicing it first. We told them to forget it because we do not want this company being our provider any longer..they will not take the tanks until they are empty..remember there is a very short time window in between them picking them up and the rental fee. RIP off..that is what they are..

Rude and nasty office workers. Tech guys are nice.


Propane is an Unregulated fuel by the State..

Once you learn that you get other sources of HEAT! Our ancestors survived many a cold winter with wood heat...


Get a Wood stove, Get oil heat , Get Gas heat.

Have 2 story home with Wood heat in Basement

Oil burner/ kerosense burner on 1st floor. Got back up Propane heater in family room on first floor that is capable of heating the whole house. GEt good propane rates because heater is considered a primary source of heat. End them playing you for a 'fool' it also helps to have brick veneer house as well. Most days in fall & spring I never cut on heat...don't need it till it gets into the 30's anyway. Oh yeah wifey told me to tell you we do have electric floor heat in bathroom which takes chill off our feet cost only pennies per day and use it during those nights when temps dip into the 40's... better get a plan...a cord of Oak wood still the cheapest heat around..


Depending if your HOA has negotiated prices for your neighborhood, the prices are set, usually at the beginning of the year, so I was told by a representative. But here is the catch, if the customer does not call in and ASK for the negotiated price then Amerigas won't give it to you automatically.


I've noticed the same practices in Londonderry, NH. No one will ever call you back, I call to order gas, and ask what the current rate is per gallon, she says "Hold on a second" and it takes like 3 minutes for her to give me a price.

If all you do is sell gas all day, how can you not know what the price per gallon is? Is it different for everyone, or just me?

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