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Amerigas in Garner, NC is so screwed up! I have been a customer for 20 years.

They say I owe money I do not owe them. I wrote them I check that they never cashed because it said paid in full. They tell me they are going to get my account straight over and over and over and over and over. They are charging ridiculous prices for the propane over $2 more per gallon than anyone else and they claim the tank I bought when I bought my house is theirs but they cannot prove it so they say I have to prove it when I bought it from a competitor that they purchased.

They never call you back when you call they lose checks you send and they put charges on your account that are not valid. I will be contacting the Attorney General's office as well as "5 on your side" at WRAL-TV and my attorney and GOD forbid when I go back in their office they better get their *** straight or all *** is gonna break loose. This is WAR!!!!!!!! I am mad as *** and I am not gonna take it anymore!!!

Kevin, Sandy, Carolyn and Nancy you better get my account straight right away ! I called Corporate and due to a budget charge they think I owe $5000 , the customer service group thinks I owe $900 and the Garner office thinks i owe them $1300. What the *** is going on with AMERIGAS!!! Competitors if you want new business give me a call !

All of my neighbors are going to be changing propane companies!

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AMERIGAS IN GARNER, NC SUCKS....I have been a customer of Amerigas for years !! I ordered gas from them on the 18th of December, left for the holidays and returned on the 30th only to find that we were almost out of gas.

I phoned them to hear the same excuse as the month before that the truck had broken down and they would not be able to get us until the the 2nd. The next morning we are totally out of gas. I phone and speak to Lori and we still can not get gas till the 2nd. Well, I pay in advance and now I have to pay again in order to receive a full tank when they do come.

She stated that they would send in for us to get it on the first. They deem our gas not primary heat because it is gas logs and we will have to pay $150 extra for emergency delivery. I hit the roof and say you are freakin kidding me and she hung up in my face. I call back and speak with Amanda and she states I am not a primary client so I have to wait and can not pay the $150 either.

Well, I AM A PRIMARY CLIENT AND THIS IS OUR PRIMARY HEAT SORCE. I call this morning to order gas and tell her I have 45% only to find out that all of the sudden they can only take payment to completely fill the tank and not what we need !!! REALLY ????????? I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BEING TREATED HORRIBLY BY A PLACE OF BUSINESS.




Since this posting on January 16, 2012, Kevin and Nancy at Amerigas in Garner, NC have worked with me to resolve my issue. I wish this had been resolved before I blew a gasket.

But it has been going on for years. However, if I could remove the complaint I would even thought this site will not allow it to me removed. I was definately fed up and mad at the time.

Hopefully, Amerigas in general realizes that they are losing customers and will try and change their ways for the rest of you as well. Definately give them a chance by calling and speaking with Kevin one on one.


My situation isn't as bad as yours but I'm still waiting for them to pick up the tank in my back yard...a year and 2 winters after I canceled my account with them. We actually had to put in a wood stove to heat ourselves in the winter over the debacle that has been the last 3 years of time spent with Amerigas Garner.

No one would fill our tank because it is owned by Amerigas and I WAS NOT going to pay them another dime after they left us cold in January claiming they were too busy to come and fix our leaking tank valves...but if I wanted to pay the "priority" charge they could get to me right away. Priority this...

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