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We purchased an exchange tank for amerigas at walmart conected it there were no leaks . We had a brand new grill 4 months old no problems about twenty minutes after grilling the propane tank for lack of better terms exploded the doors blew open on the grill and fire was spewing from the tank undernieth and caught our house on fire. We have been batteling with them for damage coverage for a month and a half .

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow. Glad nobody got hurt.

Been checking this sight, and all of the stories of bad experiences of anything Amerigas. A tank from one of these cages passes through hundreds of hands. Quart glass milk bottles are about the only thing I trust to use after someone else. I don't doubt that the Amerigas legal team has figured out what to do if this sort of situation arises.

Buy your own tanks ! ! NEW ! !

Never touched by anyone else. Get them filled at a place that gaurantees you're getting 20 pounds. The lack of safety, and other standards lacking at these cages is the only reason I can see they only put 15 lbs. in these tanks, and charge double.This is a great example of damage to personal property.

It's why I donate at charity car washes but don't accept the service.Little Billy drops his sponge in the sand , then starts wiping your car with it. oh well. I own my 20 lb tanks. Two of mine to fill (total 40 lbs ) $19.90 tax included.

AT the " cage " one exchange $19.95 + tax ( just 15 lbs . total) Pays for the steak !

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