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This company is a joke. I bought a house with a tank that was 80% full.

The tank had a company name and number that was not in business. Apparently amerigas bought out this company years prior and couldn't even be bothered to slap a new sticker on the thing. we have a new heating system installed prior to having to actually deal with amerigas. The heating company tells me this tank is NOT to code with no regulator, it was sitting on top of our sump pump, next to an open window with two electrical outlets.

Fire hazard anyone? The heating company will not hook up the lines to this. Now according to our neighbor they have been filling the tank in this condition for a while. Insert the friendly knowledgable people at my local amerigas office.

I call and explain that it's now October and we do not have heat. They say I have to set up an account before they can do anything. I said I want this tank off my property it's a hazard. They said legally we cannot come onto your property without a contract.

I said can you fix the problem and what's the current propane rate( they couldn't tell me this due to fluctuation)? I ask what the schedule would be to get someone out to fix the tank? I'd called other companies that can't help me BC it's AG tank and lines. Amerigas can't tell me anything new without a contract.

So I send them the paperwork. A week passes, no info. I call no callback, another week and I begin calling everyday to no avail. Then I finally get someone who says they'll call me back.

The following day no call back, no heat, no word. It's mid November. I cal another office. They tell me about all these glorious fees to cancel a contract and about dispatch fees also that their current gas price is $1.50 more than anyone else I'd called.

I'm beyond finished. I call corporate who as it turns out is equally as helpful. I went inside my home and heard gas I call again. Turns out if you want to get their attention you must report a gas leak.

Came by the same day to get their hazardous illegal tank.

We're waiting for a dispatch fee. I'd only use this company again if I wanted my house and every house on the block to explode.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Too bad you are not in OHIO, we could subpoena your testimony that they said, "We cannot legally come onto your property without a contract.".......

We currently have a similar case....their 'contract' was with the 5th homeowner back and she sold the property in 2007.....

and they have suddenly decided to come get the tank that has been passed down by the previous homeowners.... in 2017!

They have not filled the tank for the last 3 winter heating periods for sure.

So the gas in the tank is not gas they put into it. Don't know what prior homeowners used as Amerigas apparently only had a contract with the 5th one back.......

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