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I have been an Amerigas customer for 2 1/2 years and I have never dealt with a service provider that conducts themselves in this manner. Over a year ago I had a gas leak in my line and called customer service.

Yes they came out and billed me $90.00 for the service call but never fixed the leak. I ran out of propane called for a delivery and it was brought to my attention that the leak was still there. I again had to pay for something that should have been fixed the first time. They tried to convince me that I didnt loose to much gas which I went from 70% to 30% in a week and a half.

3 weeks ago I had gotten a fill and a week later I was walking around my property and had an overwhelming smell of gas. I opened the door underneath my home where the hot water heater was overpowered by gas. Immediatly called Amerigas and they said we should all get out of the house to be safe and they would send someone out. They sure did!

It was a service tech named Louie (in Placerville)that came and informed me very rudely that if he could not fix the leak he would red tag my hot water heater and I'd have to call a plumber. It was the same leak that they had "fixed" for the third time. I immediatly went to check my percentage and was at 20% thats a week after I got gas. They assured me I didnt loose any.

How riduculous is that! He was so rude yet did put a new screw on the one they had stripped before but beofre he left he turned up my hot water heater to HOT!

Very Rude deceptive company! Dont Use Amerigas!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Not giving you the answer you want to hear is not "poor customer service".


I am sorry Fran but I have talked with several people with AMerigas already. First the local office was rude and very unhelpful.

So much so that the receptionist would not even give me the phone number for the corporate office. Secondly the manager there tried to convince me that nobody would set a tank in the winter if I decided to change vendors. Third the manager first said I was being charge and exorbitant rate due to my being on heap and then retracted saying it was due to low usage. My neighbor uses less than me and has a better rate.

He pays for his out of pocket. So which is it? Also as I see with others Amerigas says you have X amount in your tank and must have a service person check for leaks before they can open your valvues but when I check my statement there was fuel in the tank prior to filling, Amerigas simply wanted to bill me for the tech. Bad business, very bad business.

Not only am I changing vendors but my neighbor is changing his applicance to electric so he also will be dropping Amerigas. I will be posting a message on the board at my local store asking anyone who utilizes Amerigas to contact me for information on a better vendor.

Because your local, Watkins glen office has such rude, unhelpful employees you are losing business. Perhaps it is not me you should contact but that office to see what is going on, unless this is SOP, then they are doing a bang up job.


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with service.

We’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran

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