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AmeriGas has underpaid over worked employees. Working 18 to 20 hours a day over Department of transportation DOT laws.

I have issues all the time receiving my propane and feel EXTREMELY AWFUL for these over worked people.

They are only allowed to work 14 to 15 hour days. Legally and that's it.

They are putting these delivery drivers in danger and making them unsafe for consumers themselves and their family's. People driving on the roads don't want to think that a professional truck driver has had no sleep let alone a driver carrying a hazardous material such as propane.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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the truck collided with their vehicle. the person was in another moving vehicle. No the person is not an ***.


How do you get run over by a propane truck? Does your friend have a learning disability or something? If you can't see and hear a truck that big coming, you're probably dumb enough that you should be removed from the gene pool anyway.


A good friend of mine was hit by an Amerigas truck. The driver did not stop to render aid.

It was fortunate that the person lived. After reading some posts its clear why the Amerigas employee fled, they were probably to tired from being over worked


A good friend of mine was hit by an Amerigas truck. The driver did not stop to render aid.

It was fortunate that the person lived. After reading some posts its clear why the Amerigas employee fled, they were probably to tired from being over worked


I WORKED FOR AMERIGAS up north and in the south,north is ran better,nice trucks and equipment,south is ran by idiots that do not know propane,how to handle leaks,out of gas and there management feels better to close up garages and run out a 200 mile area because there saving money and working employees do death,i quit screw them.


Obviously you are not working too many hours if you have time to post on this website.

Oh and by the way, Companies like Amerigas don't owe you a thing, they are a for profit company which i guess according to Obama and you bleading heart Liberals is apparently now a bad thing!

Instead they should just hire every unemployed person in the US and solve the unemployement crisis themselves, huh?

If other companies are paying so much more then go get a job with them, or McDonalds for that fact but otherwise shut the *** up!


I work for amerigas and I am a driver,It's funny as I read through these comments because some of them are really true. I'll explain, During the winter my average week is 65 Hours and in the summer im cut back to 40 a week.

The problem I have is not working the hours its the equipment that amerigas gives me to use and always and I mean always being threatend with my job. amerigas has forgotten who makes their money and also about our loyal customers. Amerigas preaches safety but when it really comes down to it everyone is expendable customers and employees alike. as far as pay goes I have been working here for 3 years have had no accidents and have never called in sick I start 1-5 hours early everyday and stay till my delivery tickets are done even if that means "Adjusting" my D.V.R to show me off in my regulated D.O.T hours and after all that I have gotten a 61cent raise in 3 years have seen 3 managers come and go.

Yes I am very lucky to even have a job but is this job really worth putting my butt on the line day in day out for 3-5 dollars less a hour than our competitors. And for you people that dont have a C.D.L do you even realize what commercial drivers go through to have a job


It is so *** true about the over worked drivers..okay,so the overtime pay is great and yeah they have a job BUT...wouldnt you like to have your husband home everynight SAFE and be able to enjoy family time with him(or her)?? it comes down to POOR management!! This new manager Debbie is an *** and she is rude to the customers!!


Unfortunately most of the negative that was said is true at least for my husbands district. Except the DOT law, without log book is only 12 hours.

16 logging.

My husband appreciates that he has a job and close by. But the things that goes on are unbelievable. It is a wonder no one has gotten hurt.

The employees and managers have no morals what so ever! I only hope the direction give(given on the down low) is not coming from higher up!


Some of what I have read here is true. I work for Amerigas and love my job.

It is true that a lot of locations are under staffed and over worked. The location that I work at seems to be getting worse and worse. A lot of it is due to the hiring of bad managers. My Boss has no education or training(Got the job through Good ole boy netork).

Also he steals constantly and is about the laziest thing you will ever meet. About the pay.

I have been working for Amerigas for 6 years. I make 12.93 an hour and have been waiting since september for my 1 1/2 percent raise.


There you go gasman Amerigas hire some unemployed americans did you see the post about the womans fireplace?? Why customer service would you like to speak to me I ran out of fuel again??

You already know my complaints..I'm simply on here to warn others not to use this company. I had a guy come out to me that was working 20 hours in the *** is that okay or legal ?

Why in the *** can't I ever get what I'm paying for? Or just like always you're ready to speak to me to tell me everything will be okay and lie to me and my wife again?


dont forget about the ladies in the office they work just as hard and just as many hours becuase it boils down to the managers dont care as long as they get their bonus


It would be nice if Amerigas would hire some of those out of work people to get the job done.As a former Amerigas employee I can attest to how the Amerigas district's are severely understaffed and over worked.There are not enough hours in the day for the employees of the district I worked at to get 1/2 the job done,there is so much overtime that it is no longer wanted by the employees,working such long hours every day sometimes 7 days a week takes it's toll..Amerigas grows through acquisitions not through customer service.It's policies are written by lawyers and accountants not by people who know how to do the job.Amerigas is there to make it's stock holders happy,not it's employees or customers happy.You can switch companies to a small mom and pop company but it will be just a matter of time before Amerigas buy's it up and you once again find yourself dealing with this corporate giant.Count your blessing if you use Amerigas that you have not been blown off the face of the earth because some poor driver trying to earn a living was in his 20th hour and being threatened with his job if he didn't complete all of his delivery tickets for the day.The day Amerigas took over the company I worked for some 10 years ago my job soon became a nightmare and I could not wait to get out.


What, I say what in the sam he ll are you talking about son?!


Whinners I think you have the wrong person bud. I agree with you.

Amerigas all over the country has understaffed locations. As a soon to be ex customer of amerigas.. with a wide range of issues one being because the delivery drivers being over worked BECAUSE of poor staffing is one reason why people don't receive their propane and the workers they have are over worked... my wife and I have been talked to so wonderfully by amerigas reps but never receive what we've asked for.

It concerns me to allow over worked employees to work on my tank deliver me propane. Do you know propane causes cancer and reproductive issues if miss handled? You do a google search and people in america have issues all over the country. I've seen a decline in amerigas and its time for me to redo my heating source in spring and leave this company I'm pretty sure I answerd everyones questions and I had kept up with amerigas stocks and news related with customer complants..youhear all the time from ex employees that are treated poorly??

Do you hear that from a lot of other company's right now? Why is there a high turn over rate? I myself have gotten left with my tank locked but still leaking deliverys are never on time ever...I know.

The price has gone up on everything but I have to pay this much and never get what I pay for?? I'm just clearly stating that's its the company not the people that work there.


There are millions of people without jobs in this country right now, and your lazy husband is complaining because he's getting tons of overtime pay?! Go to ***!

Do you know how many people would kill for that job right now?

Especially at a company like Amerigas that has good pay and benefits. Go eff yourself you ingrateful witch!


These claims are obviously not true. As you can see from this website, everyone says that Amerigas is lazy and never delivers any propane. So how can they be working their drivers 16 hours per day if they're not trying to deliver any gas?!


Madman, where is the AmeriGas store that has overworked, underpaid employees?


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.

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