Weed, California
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I've never been particularly happy with Amerigas. Their billing is ridiculous and their payment plans are a joke.

However today was the final straw. In tough economic times these guys are charging $4.56 a gallon and that's including a $0.30/gallon "discount". Whatever. We priced propane at two other companies and the quotes were $2.59 and $2.56 a gallon.

Needless to say, Amerigas will be coming to get my tank because ordering 100 gallons of propane PLUS set up fees through another propane company it is still cheaper than just ordering 100 gallons of propane through Amerigas.

I'm sure they will tell me there is a fee for coming to get the tank, but it's almost worth it to pay a fee just to be rid of them. When I think of all the money I have wasted in the past five years because of the price gouging at Amerigas I am actually sick.

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John N

If you are returning their tank, Amerigas should give you a credit for the remaining propane in the tank. They will suck it out and then remove their empty tank and then issue you a credit.

The one time I did this, back when I had propane, it was very easy to make the switch--for the same reason you are doing so.

By the way, if your ever get the chance to put in natural gas, do so in a flash. You will have to pay---I did it ten years ago and it cost me $1600 to run the line when they finally came down my road. But, I have since made it up and am very happy I put it in.

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