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I am in Oklahoma and called and left several messages with Amerigas about needing propane since it was their tank. I never received a call back after several messages over a 3 week period.

I talked to another propane provider who told me they could set a tank and fill it for me. Great! I left a message with Carolyn in the Ardmore office stating I didn't want their service since they obviously have NO CONCEPT of what customer service is and their propane is 2.39 and I found a company who actually called customers back, cared about them and they charge 1.99 per gallon. Imagine my surprise when MFA came with the new tank and Amerigas had come to my home 3 days before and filled my tank after I told them to pick it up and would not use their services.

I guess they thought I would just shut up and pay the bill. THEY ARE WRONG on so many levels. Carolyn insisted she talked to me and I told her to bring the gas, then she changed the story and told me she talked to my husband. I asked what number she called and she said the number we left on the messages.

We never received a call from anyone at Amerigas. The phone number on the ticket was my son's business cell phone so then she decided that she called that number and talked to someone. That number has been disconnected for months.

2 days later I started receiving past due notices for the propane from Amerigas with no listing of the 2.39 per gallon. I checked the price and they billed me at 3.449 per gallon.

They picked up their tank and credited me back for the propane and owed me money so now have added a termination charge that Carolyn said is for having to to remove the propane from the tank. When I asked why I have to pay to remove gas I never asked for I was told to quit complaining and just pay the $21 to stop the billing. I've had no resolution from Amerigas or phone calls back in the last several weeks. Yesterday I stayed on hold for the 57 minutes until someone came on the line and said they had zeroed out my account last month.

First, why am I still getting past due notices and my calculations as well as the LP gas authority official, they owe me $54.84. I will fight them for price gouging, ethics and business practices. If they do this to me, how many other people are they ripping off? Thousands by the looks of the complaints I see online.

I would like to start a class action lawsuit against Amerigas.

Please let me know if any of you are ready to fight for what's right. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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I just switched from Amerigas. They bought out a local Propne supplier and they said it would take up to thirty days to get a tank of gas plus the price is fourty dollors more than the local guys charge.

I went with another local supplier.

Screw the big companies and screw Amerigas. I will be painting BOYCOTT AMERIGAS on the tank for all to see

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