Reston, Virginia
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I'm a 51 year old male who is disabled,going blind from my diabetes n I live alone. I ran completely out of Propane and I called the Amerigas IDIOTS. I spoke to 2 people, Barbara and Denny. I begged these people 2 bring me some Propane.It was only 54 degrees in here.

They said not until I pay them about $700.00 n for them 2 bring it right away it would cost another $165.00 talk about a scam!

Well I called my local councilmen n he pulled some strings. Ginger actually the councilmens aid is 1 the 1 that really helped me out.

I believe in Karma and I only hope that 1 day, the 2 people I spoke to at Amerigas get the same compassion that they gave me!

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And really Chris, talk to the hand? you sure told us! Are you four?


Hey NoYou - it just isn't worth it. didn't you know that everyone owes this guy because he has diabetes?

Up and down this board it is the same thing with all of these companies.

Some Deadbeat can't pay and then they blame the big evil corporation for not being a charity and giving them everything for free.

I know many people who have diabetes that work for a living and lead normal lives, but not this *** he wants it handed to him.


If it's between you and Amerigas, then why are you posting it on a public web site?


This is between me and the Amerigas idiots! U other low lifes want to put ur 2 cents in, well I got just 1 thing 2 say to to the hand!!!!


So you still haven't explained why AmeriGas should be forced to eat the costs to send a truck many miles out of the way specifically for you. You also haven't explained why it's their fault that you waited until your tank was almost empty to order, when you're repeatedly told to order at 30% and that deliveries take 1-7 days.

Were you so busy pestering your government officials that you couldn't be bothered to go out and check your tank?

Whiners like you who can't take responsibility for their own mistakes get on here and complain because you need to blame someone else for your screwups. Quit feeling sorry for yourself you manbaby.


What's the matter Ummm? afraid to use ur real name?

I never said my disabilities was Amerigas or anybody elses fault 4 that matter. What I was stating is that I am disabled n I was F'n freezing 2 death. And ur comment about Amerigas eating the expense of sending a truck out. YEAH RIGHT...Amerigas is a ripoff company n come Spring time I'm telling them 2 take these tanks out of here n shoving them up their ***...

sideways!!!! U don't know me so don't pretend u do Ummm!!! N I will contact my local Councilmem, Congressmen and or Senator if I have 2! So mind ur own F'n business.

U must either work 4 the idiots or ur Denny or Barbara. So kiss my ***!


So it sucks that you have diabetes, but why is that the fault of Amerigas? Why should they be forced to eat the expense of sending a truck out especially for you just because you couldn't be bothered to order before you were almost empty?

It's also not the fault of Amerigas that you ruined your credit rating by not paying bills.

Every company in America works this way, if you have bad credit then you pay in advance. Stop bothering your local councilman because you're a deadbeat who feels sorry for himself all day long and let him get back to real business


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with customer service in Pennsylvania.

I’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran


Correction to the statement about. It wasn't 54 degrees, it was only 46 degrees in my house n I was without Propane for 5 days! :(

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