Tucson, Arizona

We have been using Amerigas for the past 10 yrs and I have to call their billing (local) dept each time they fill the tank.

The clincher was in Sept. 2010. Amerigas filled the tank with 171 gallons in March and then claimed we used 172 gallons during the summer. We use propane for heat only. In case no one realizes it, Tucson temperatures are very warm starting in early Apri until November.

When I called they claimed the numbers were transposed. I still can't figure that one out. In September I requested we call for delivery.

Last week they delivered 85 gallons, without notice. They claim the commputer scheduled FORCAST, meaning automatic yet their bill shows differently.

I hope Amerigas is laughing as loud as I am, because I called to have the fuel removed and I am going with another company.

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Long time customer @ Amerigas. Field people are well trained.

Cant't say anything but NEGATIVE comments re office staff & MGMT. We are switching to Farrell gas nxt.

mo. Cheaper & more efficient.


I worked for Amerigas in Tucson back in 1990 and I can honestly say I was not a happy camper. I was expected to work through my lunch and yet not get paid for my lunch hour.

I was expected to learn how to work on propane tanks on motor homes and such without proper and thorough training which could have endangered my life along with the lives of those who owned the motor homes. I was expected to learn on my own and when I asked questions..they acted like I should know. I was expected to paint tanks and do it yesterday along with waiting on every customer that came to the dock for propane. I was "Laid off" along with several others and then I almost threw my uniforms away when the next day they said my job was back.

Then later on after I made my only mistake with propane...I burned my stomach...went to a doctor and claimed workman's comp....suddenly I found myself without a job permanently not too long after. I also know for a fact that they did not take care of those trucks that went up on Mt.

Lemon. Unless things have changed over these past 20 years....I would listen to the people who have posted negative comments on here...because they are probably not just blowing smoke...but rather telling the truth.


Ordered service last week Amerigas told me someone would be here to fill my tank by Wednesday the latest, they didn't know what time what day for sure, I have honestly NO IDEA what they do know....waited around 3days and do you think they came by today? NO!

I even talked to someone in the office 3 times today & they just kept giving me the run around.....tomorrow is thanksgiving and here are me & my kids without Hot water, a stove to cook on or a heater.

A few months back my propane was leaking I could smell it throughout my house & even outside, they sent someone over to check for a leak 3 different times and EVERYTIME they told me there was no leak when there clearly was, so I called someone that works on ac/heaters and they found a leak right away fixed it &when Amerigas came to fill the tank, THERE TANK WAS LEAKING- literally spraying out the gas! So then they took forever to come check that out and eventually put in a new tank.....


I have been trying to get a tank picked up since July 27th. Today is October 10th!

I am unable to rent this property and am losing more than 800 dollars a month waiting for Amerigas to come and get their tank. After FOUR phone calls, They still do not have an appropriate contact number for me on the account, and they have no record of my ever asking for tank pick up.

All of the people I have spoken with have been rude, incompetent, and offer no solutions to my dilemma. If you're looking to purchase propane in Tucson, LOOK ELSEWHERE!


Amerigas is a winner of darwin award for customer service. Local office often doesn't even answer calls, and when you call the national office for help, they refer back to the local office.

I will say the woman @ national today I spoke with was very good, took my payment info...

But then called local office again and no answer. They habitually take long lunches, and are notorious for failing to schedule.


Poor service is not all! I have only been with Amerigas for a couple of years and the price has gone up more than automotive gas! Went from $3.68 to $4.44 in 6 months!And they charge me tax and Hazmat fee on top of that!I am waiting for a fill up of 180 gal and they are charging 874.36!At the gas pump at a gas station the price includes all the taxes!It will be cheaper to buy all electric apliances!


We had a delivery scheduled for our cabin on Mt Lemmon on Monday, Nov 28th. They even called to confirm the delivery.

This is not a full time residence and we didn't discover there had been no delivery until Sun, Dec 10 after it had snowed about a foot. When we called on the 11th they said that the truck had broken down but no one called us to let us know or to reschedule. Now we can't even get customer service to give us any help, they say the manager, whose name they won't give us, will call us. IT's now Wed and after repeated calls we still haven't talked to anyone.

WE are now down to 20% in our tank and have had another storm of 20 inches of snow.

I am ANGRY and I want to talk to someone.... please.


In May of 2011 an Ameri-Gas technician came to my house to turn on the propane. He told me the tank was full and would last a year.

Yet, without my asking they came out in October and "topped off" the tank and then billed me $121.00!! Now it is the start of November and the tank is empty! Every time I call the local office there is only a recording that says that the local office cannot take my call! NO HOT WATER AND NO HEAT!

How did a FULL tank go to zero so fast?? Ameri-Gas is about to lose another customer. I was warned.

I did not listen. If you use AmeriGas you need to seriously reconsider.


Hi, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with billing at the Tucson office and would like to help you.

Please send your account details to me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Fran.

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