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In 2011 I changed from Ferrell Gas to Amerigas. I was told by Blanca who works in the 951 area code office that I had to purchase 200 gal of gas to get the special pricing.

I met the man at my cabin in Idyllwild CA and he was very nice. He said I had a 120 gal tank and that my tank only needed 40.2 gal. He filled it up gave me a receipt (spelled my last name wrong. He put his last name as it is only 4 letters less than mine, which I didn't realize until today, ugggg) He did not write in how many gallons he put in so I wrote that I was given 40.2 and owed 159.8 on the receipt (in his presence.) in hind site I should have had him initial it.

But I'm a trusting person which now I see is a bad trait. Fast forward to 2015. Well we hardly go up and use much gas so now it needs filling and I called. They said they have no records of the transaction.

I said I would take them to small claims court and was told go ahead. I sent them the cancelled check and they changed their tune and Linda said she would try to get manager approval. Today I spoke with Linda and she said that they don't keep records that far back and there is nothing she can do so go ahead and take them to court. Blanca still works for them but doesn't' remember.

I'm sure they have many customers and I can understand that. They said because I wrote it in they can't do anything about it. Well even if they put an entire 120 gals in I would still be owed 80 gal.

This is the worst company and I will be changing back to Ferrell gas as soon as I get this resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service will lie to you, Amerigas, Customer service is not honest, Being told to sue them.

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That's wrong I work for this company and first of all they have to keep records for 10 years they have that copy of that ticket in that days daily folder plus they would have record of it in your computerized customer file and if you had a 120 96 gallons would be full so it seems they are lying to you at every corner


Actually I work at the Temecula amerigas and I am aware of this woman her last name is the same as our drivers last name and she is a complete liar we did everything we could to refund your money and she's just plain crazy she sounded crazy when she called and she remains sounding crazy with this ridiculous review she was refunded for that gas

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