Richmond, Virginia
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Have Amerigas in our lake property only had filled three time each time the tank says 40% full have to pay a gas leek inspection cause tank is empty! We only use on weekends in summer to cook with a gas store which is hardly ever!

Then only other use is for heat in winter witch is maybe three weekend one bedroom camper!

Tank is empty again and they want another leek check charge!

So I ask to take it out, guess what another charge!

$159.00 now and the gauge says 40% full again. Take me to court Amerigas!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Why does white trash always think their local news channel remotely gives a *** about their *** propane problems? They have much more important stories they're working on that don't involve your infantile whining.

Did you ever think to maybe call and talk to Amerigas? Explain the problem and maybe they'd work with you?

No, just throw an infant temper tantrum on the internet instead. Good job, redneck.

Lorie S

I would like to report them to 12 on your side in my area to have them checked out! If anyone is interested in joining me please comment on this add and leave email address and I will contact you

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