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I have NEVER done business with a worse company in MY life. I called for gas for gas...and as we all know they don't get in a hurry for anything...I call back after waiting a week, told they would get back to me,NEVER HAPPENED.Then when they do come out,after hours...the employee they send does not even bring a flashlight.

I am told I have a leak, not in their equipment but in my line somewhere ! I have a real professional come out and the Valve,THEIR valve is leaking all my fuel into the air !! The guy that claimed I had the leak put 200 gallons in my tank !! Then tells me he can't fix it until it is empty...HE also tells me I will be credited because I am loosing a lot of fuel...I ended up getting a BILL for $275.00 !!

while MY gas leaks into the air !! These people have NO knowledge of customer service at all, they are incredibly rude OR just don't respond at all. They once sent me a bill for $200.00 for nothing,they just wanted to get my attention !!HOW messed up is that !!I would advise anyone who has propane services to use ANY company BUT Amerigas.They traded fuel to my neighbor for cleaning their offices and then charged her neighbors to cover it! I do believe that is illegal.They are LIARS & Cheats...They deserve to go out of Business !!!

I have contacted : EPA,OSHA,Dept of Consumer protection,National Propane Gas Association, US dept. of Energy and our local HRDC!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Stu Pid has a right to his/her opinions ! With a name like THAT, I am not offended at all!

He knows what HE is....***....right?

And yes,He probably DOES work for Amerigas...He IS typical of their employees !!!I am sure it thrills them to have a spokesperson of this caliper !! LOL


Hey Stu Pid, you make fun of "*** people" with bad language skills? I will be you this, as your post says, that you spend most of your time bent over in front of your superiors!


Hey Stu Pid - you really must be ***. Where do you get off bashing people for airing their grievances with this *** company?

Are you one of their managers or something?

Obviously this company does this, or there would not be so many complaints about them. But hey, you probably never had to deal with them, so what would you know?


Really dude? How many people do you expect believe that a multi-billion dollar company with 1.3 million customers just billed you to get your attention?

From the sounds of things you are a true *** and they should cut you!

Who was the expert that you brought to your house? We all would love to see their credentials, they are probably in on of your idiotic friends that fixes cars or something, right?

Go to another company, what is the difference between 1,299,999 customers and 1.3 million? It will probably be welcomed by Amerigas and I will be you this, in two weeks you will be here complaining about that new company too.


Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with service and billing.

If you send your account details to me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran

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