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My husband has been a customer in good standing of Amerigas for around 25 years. We were on a budget plan.

They change the contract yearly. We were underestimated on the amount of gas we would use, from the previous year use. We ended up owing Amerigas approx. $600.00 at the end of our contract year.

My husband has been layed off and I am working at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage. Now they took us of their budget program and will not deliver any more gas until the bill is payed in full and we have proof that we can pay for the next fill. They will not put us back on their buget plan and we have no extra funds for such a big bill. We are currently down to 12% in our tank, and no other company will service our home because of the problems with Amerigas.

Amerigas has us strapped. On top of it all, if we do not have a fill, we will be charged $100.00 for a safety check when our tank becomes empty.

Luckily we have been having very mild weather in Michigan. We are currently heating our house with 2 portable electric heaters. What are we going to do when we run out?

My stove is LP and so is our hot water tank. I have 2 grandchildren staying with me too. I can only imagine the problems when they begin to go to school hungry and dirty.

I think that this is another situation where corporate america is hurting the working class.

Does it really hurt them to allow us back on their budget plan? We are trying to pay the bill by borrowing the money, but you can only borrow so much. I think Amerigas is as bad as the banks that took advantage of this economic depression we are in.

Thanks a lot Amerigas! I hope your CEO's have a warm house to live in, hot water to take a shower with, and a stove to cook their food with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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First of all I am not poor, I do not like getting ripped off. So before you want to rail me with inane argument, read the whole message and if you don't agree, simply mind your own business and tend to your own bills.

Happy Holidays..Hope you aren't out in the cold!

You must work for the rip off company or one of the same. You should be ashamed of yourself!

John N

Why in the world are you blaming Amerigas when it is YOU who owe the money and cannot pay for the propane. Amerigas does not get it for free and thus has to charge for it like any other business.

Do you walk into WalMart and expect them to give you clothes or food for free just because you are short of money?? Come on, be realistic and stop whining about "corporate America."

As for your propane problems, I suggest you stop paying a couple of other bills, like internet, or even consumers(they cannot cut you off in the winter)or the telephone, etc. Anything and everything so you can use this money to pay for your propane. You might be late on some other bills, but the propane is the main thing you need to get paid, NOW!

I suspect you have many extraneous frivolities you can give up in order to pay your propane.

But, you have to be willing to give up the toys, pay your propane, and stop the whining. It is unbecoming of you.

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