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When we bought our house 2 yrs ago it had a rented tank so we went with them. At first it was okay but then my aunt and I realized we both used Amerigas and they would charge us both a different price for gas even when we got gas within a few days apart so we started watching this, and apparently they were basing the price on our usage not on just a normal price per gal charge like other gas companies charge.

So she finally had her tank removed and changed companies. I was about to change and then on Oct 17 I get a rate notice change in the mail. I called the 800# and they said they were mailed on Oct 3rd and went into effect on October 21. Even though the insert clearly states in point 13 that they are to give consumers 30 days written notice.

There is a date on the printed notice that they were printed on Sept 21 but clearly that is not when they were mailed they are determined to go back to the printed date of notice, not date mailed or date received. I am having the tank removed to switch to another company and they are still going to try and charge me the NEW rate fee of $100 to have this tank removed.

Before the notice there was not a charge to remove the tank when discontinuing service. Trust me people of you can change companies change ASAP do not continue to do business with this rip-off company Amerigas!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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You might find this surprising, but your local news station actually DOESN'T give a *** about your whiney propane problems. When's the last time you saw something on the news about some *** redneck's tank rent being removed?

Yeah, exactly. So shut up with your super original threats.


If I get a bill I will be contacting The Texas Autorney Generals Office and let them help me deal with your dishonest company. And also maybe my local news, I'm sure they would like a great story to air.


Hi Faith777! We're sorry to read about your issues with billing. Please email your account details to and we'll see how we can help!

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